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Thesis statement and its importance

At the end of your introduction, after you have got the audience hooked, you write your thesis statement. In one brief and interesting sentence, you explain to the reader what your stance is. The statement gives the reader an idea about what to expect from the rest of the paper. If you have trouble writing a good thesis statement, you can reach out to an online paper writing service. They will either write a whole new paper for you or correct your thesis statement upon your request.

Where to begin?

Thoroughly analyze your topic. Try to shape it into a question and then answer it convincingly. You can also use your opponent's stance and refute it.

Tips for writing an effective thesis statement

1. Your thesis statement should be debatable

You want to write such a statement that enforces your opinion but the opposition can still claim that their opinion differs. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to state your opinion and support it with evidence or logical reasoning. In the context of global warming, a non-debatable thesis statement is “Global warming is bad for the environment”. It can be better written as “The government worldwide should introduce taxes to tackle the effects of global warming".

2. It should be slightly controversial.

Your thesis statement should make the reader curious. The reader should look forward to how you are going to back your stance. A boring thesis statement will make the reader quickly scan your paper instead of thoroughly reading it. A good example of a slightly controversial thesis statement is "Junk food is not bad for your health if not eaten regularly because …". This statement is contrary to popular belief, therefore, if you can find evidence to back it up, your thesis statement would be a success.

3. It should briefly mention all of your paper’s details.

Your thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes your entire paper. It should contain all the facts that you are going to use as topic sentences in your body paragraphs. Make sure your thesis statement only discusses the facts and not evidence. To keep your thesis statement precise, only mention the facts that you will use to back your stance.

4. It should not be generalized.

A good thesis statement is specific and tells the reader about the author's opinion. An example of a broad thesis statement is “Global warming needs to be controlled”. We should instead be more specific and say, “Global warming will result in global temperature rise, flooding, famine, and spread of diseases therefore, governments should take effective measures to control it.”

Do you understand these basic rules? If yes, you are ready to write a well-crafted argumentative essay. If you are still confused, you can either go through the guideline again or reach out to an expert essay writer and get them to write a custom essay for you. It is recommended that you provide them with a rough draft and rules to follow.


A thesis statement is the most important part of your argumentative essay. You must make it brief, narrow, debatable, and interesting. However, if you think about how I write my paper like professionals, simply consult the writing service.

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