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What is the most discouraging thing about academic writing? Most of the students might not be afraid of the extended length of the writer as much as they are of composing a thesis statement. To say a thesis statement is of one line or two at maximum. But writing it could take hours and even days. Sometimes students take more time in developing the thesis than writing the whole essay. If you also suck at writing a thesis statement, consider yourself in for a treat, today.

Some interesting ways, which can help a custom essay writer to formulate a thesis statement for his essay without wasting hours and hours are as follows:

Ask a question

Did you say what? I did not say to throw a question at my face but rather ask yourself a question. Look at your thesis statement, what do you see? It might be a statement or a phrase. Well, whatever, you should turn it into a question and then answer it.

How to answer it so that it could make a good thesis statement? Now that you have asked let me answer it quickly.

  • Brainstorm: Think of answers. Note, whatever pops up in your mind. Write down as many potential answers to the question as you can think of.
  • Pick the best one: Now it’s time to shortlist the best answers that you have written for the essay question. After shortlisting 3 best answers, do some research and pick the answer you think you can easily support by researched data.
  • Develop the thesis: Look back at the notes that you made during the brainstorming session. Look for key reasons for your answers, pick the main ones, and add them to your answer and your thesis statement is ready.

Tailor your thesis statement

Check what type of essay you have to write and change the thesis statement accordingly.

If you have to write an analytical essay break it into parts, understand them, and then link it to something. In the case of an expository essay, you can keep it simple and plain as your purpose is to just inform. For an argumentative essay, you should make a claim and support it to make others believe your claim.

On a side note, you can always get the help of your elder brother or a friend to compose your thesis statement. There is no shame in it. I myself used to get help from my elder brother to write my essay online for me free, you can also do this. With his help, I was able to learn how to make an exceptional thesis statement for essays.

Write it when you are done with the essay

I know, it sounds foolish to write the thesis statement after writing your essay but please try to hold your horses and hear me out first. I am not saying that you should start writing your essay without an idea about the thesis statement. Rather you can have a rough idea of the thesis in your mind and you then refine it and finalize it after completing the essay. It should be reflecting your essay. Simply pay for essay and get it done now.

Use a Template

If none of the above-mentioned methods work for you, you can always use a template to create a thesis statement for your essay. Before you start whining that it is very rare that students use the exact template, you should know that it gets the creative juice flowing and helps them come up with ideas to start formulating their thesis. Moreover, you can use the template by tweaking it a little. If the given template is lengthy, you might drop some points if you have to write a brief essay. You can also get a well-written essay from a cheap essay writing service.

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