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This is the genre of essay writing online that explains various reasons and impacts of certain events or actions. This type of essay increases the skill to analyze the logic of the topics. Students find less difficulty in this genre of the essay as it covers all narrow topics to bring details about the topic. However, it is crucial to develop an outline for your essay to improve the structure of the content.

In this article, we will tell an essay writer how he can develop an outline that can improve the writing skills and essay quality. Remember that outline is the key to perfect essays.

Structure of the Outline

The cause and effect essay is divided into three sections that are an introduction, discussion, and result/conclusion. Therefore, when you start making your cause and effect essay outline, you will make these sections first. After that, you have to add the information between them.

  • In the introduction, you will add the definition or explanation of the topic followed by the purpose and thesis statement.
  • In the body section, you will make three or more paragraphs. Each paragraph should explain different cause and effect depending on the type of the essay
  • Add a summary of the essay but do not copy-paste your thesis statement. You have to explain your thesis again and add some result or solution for the topic.

Select Type of Cause and Effect Essay

You have to select the format or type of cause and effect essay before collecting data for the essay. There are three types of essays from which you can select that is easier for you. Or you can always ask others to write my paper for me if confused.

  1. 1. Various Causes, One Effect

    In this type of essay, you have to collect more than one cause depending on the length of the essay. If the essay is short you can select any of two causes but select more for the long essay. After adding all the causes you have to relate them with one major effect. You will outline this information in the body section as:

    • First cause
    • Second cause
    • Third cause (etc)
    • One major effect of all causes
  2. 2. Various Effects, One Cause

    In this type of essay, you discuss one major cause or factor of the event then you will discuss its various effects. It means your body section will start from the detail of that one cause followed by its effects. In the body section, you will outline this type of essay as:

    • One cause
    • First effect
    • Second effect (and so on..)
  3. 3. Many Causes, Many Effects

    In this type, you have to carry different causes and effects side by side. It means each paragraph explains both the cause and its effect. However, every paragraph should discuss only one cause to make the essay more logical. You will outline as:

    • 1st cause and effect
    • 2nd cause and effect
    • 3rd cause and effect (and so on..)

Recheck Your Outline

After making a rough outline now it's time to recheck it. Add plenty of information under each heading either in bullet form or sentence form. Change the sequence of the points if they are not making sense. Omit irrelevant points and fill your outline with more points if required. You can use informal language if the outline is only for your help. However, keep it formal if it is part of your grading.

Additional Tips

Select a topic that is easy for you and you have knowledge about it. If you want to pick a unique or new topic make sure you give extra time to it. Start with searching for causes and then search for each cause you will get the effects. Also do not start writing until you get sure that outline points are enough to complete your essay.

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