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Be it an aspiring essay writer or an established writer, a book review attracts a lot of people since it presents a commentary on the book along with an individual’s perspective of a book. When it comes to educational institutes, reviewing a book is imperative and students are given grades on this task. However, while writing a review, many students make a few critical mistakes that can cost them their grades.

Will you let your grades slip away because you aren’t familiar with the nitty-gritty of writing a book review? Of course not. So, if you want to learn about the common mistakes students make while crafting a book review along with their solution then you are in the right place. This guide will facilitate you a lot in providing you an insight into common mistakes so that the next time you are assigned with a task to write a review of the book you can write an incredible one without any error. Or you can also ask others to write essay for me.

Multitasking while reading

What is the first thing that you are required to do when you have to review a book? Obviously, you have to read the book. However, if you are multitasking while reading I suggest you please stop. Remember! reading requires a proper mindset and therefore, you should read the book with full concentration so that you won’t miss any crucial points.

Relying on memory

Typically, after reading a book students start the writing process. However, while writing either they miss something crucial or they don’t remember the exact plot and therefore, end up submitting a vague review. Thus, you should rely solely on the power of your memory rather than jot down the important points while you are reading the book so that you won’t have to go through the book again and again.

Tip: After reading one chapter make a summary and then move to the next chapter. This way you won’t miss anything crucial.

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Say no to spoiler

When you are reviewing a book you are required to analyze the plot, themes, characters, literary devices, etc. However, most of the time students in their review share the crux of the story and spoil the charm of book reading for the people who wanted to read the review to get an insight into the story. Therefore, refrain from discussing spoilers.


While writing a review, students typically spend half of their word count on telling the main plot over and over again. It is irrelevant since readers are interested in knowing your perspective and your analysis rather than reading the story. Therefore, try to avoid repetition.

Typically, students repeat the same idea over and over again to make sure that the readers won’t miss the important point. However, from the reader's’ perspective, it is not only highly frustrating but also it signals to you the insecurity of the argument that you are repeating over and over again.

Tip: To avoid redundancy you are required to create an outline first and then start the writing process this way you’’ have a clear picture of what you’ll be explaining in your review without repetition.

Self-flattering literary references

While writing a review, students often throw tons of references just to depict that they have incredible research abilities. Although, it is imperative to use a few references to support your claim while you write a review but adding multiple references that only have tenuous relevancy to your arguments is something that will immediately frustrate the readers. Therefore, try doing thorough research and add relevant references.

Tip: don’t forget to give proper credit to the authors of the sources you are using in your review to avoid plagiarism.

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