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If you are a school student, by now you must have compiled numerous research essays. But in college, there is a requirement to compose a research thesis. A thesis is an experimental, theoretical, or design report with a proper research structure. It is much length and complex as compared to the research essays. You require much more skills to write a thesis. This article is to guide an essay writer all about the basic format of the research thesis so he can compose an A-grade paper.

The pattern of the thesis is hypothetico-deductive. In order to solve an issue, create a methodology, and test for outcomes. It is started as a draft in which the bibliographies, methodologies, and problem statements from the thesis proposal are used. Now that you are familiar with the thesis writing, let us move onto the format.

The format contains three basic elements: Front Matter, Body, and End Matter. These three elements are broken into further parts and explained for your ease.

  1. 1. Front Matter
    1. (i) Title page
    2. A standard title page is provided by the college which must be followed. You do not have to make any changes to it rather than fill it. It usually contains the title of the project, name of author and supervisor, date, and college information.

    3. (ii) Abstract
    4. This is critical to the thesis and thus, it should be formed diligently. The abstract includes the research problem, methodology, results, and conclusion in this sequence. Keep it in 100 to 150 words only.

    5. (iii) Table of Content
    6. This will give the reader an idea of all the content included in the thesis. State all the headings and subheadings along with their page numbers. Also, include the appendixes, bibliography, and acknowledgments.

    7. (iv) List of Figures
    8. For all the figures, make sure to include a list that includes numbers, titles, and page numbers for these figures.

    9. (v) List of table
    10. This will include all the information on tables you have used in the document like their number, title, and page number.

    11. (vi) Nomenclature
    12. This is the list of unfamiliar symbols, acronyms, and terms with their meanings used throughout the document. It is optional, but it leaves a good impression on the reader.

  2. 2. Body
    1. (i) Introduction
    2. The first step is to introduce the research work. A proper thesis format begins with the introduction in which you state the purpose of research, then your research problem, its background, your thesis, a general approach, followed by the criteria set for study.

    3. (ii) Theory
    4. After introducing the research, you should develop a theoretical basis for study design, and also include the governing equations relevant.

    5. (iii) Methodology
    6. The methodology of the thesis depends on the type of research adopted as well as the discipline. You can include the design components, assembly, and testing procedures.

    7. (iv) Results
    8. You must present the result of your research along with the relevant graphs and tables.

    9. (v) Discussion
    10. Discuss the results of your research while stating its significance and implications.

    11. (vi) Conclusions
    12. This is the most essential part as it signifies your research. In a clear manner, assess the results and offer an answer to your research question.

    13. (vii) Recommendations
    14. Lastly, you can include any recommendation for the concerned parties or for future research.

  3. 3. End Matter
    1. (i) Acknowledgments
    2. At the end of the thesis, you must acknowledge the guidance and help from the supervisor, advisor, colleagues, sponsors, and technicians, etc.

    3. (ii) Appendixes
    4. Form separate appendixes with their title and introduction. In these appendixes, include procedures, detailed calculations, and relevant data.

    5. (iii) Bibliography
    6. There are several formats used for a bibliography that you can follow based on your discipline. Make a list of all the works which you have referred to during your research.

Every element and its further subdivision are critical to the thesis statement. Sometimes, the format varies a little as some of these subdivisions are excluded or kept optional. However, this is still a standard format for composing a thesis. Follow these steps to create the first draft and then keep improving after discussing it with your supervisor.

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