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Creating a convincing article is like becoming a prosecutor who presents a case before the jury in a trial. The researcher takes a stance on a matter; either “for” or “against” and produces the perfect case to win over the jury and audience.

Similarly, the essay outline is a layout of your scholarly paper wherein you format and arrange the key aspects into sections in order to make writing an essay simpler. Within a compelling essay, it really is the duty of the essay writer to persuade the audience to take a specific perspective or hold a certain view.

Persuasive essays need strong analysis, knowledge of the prejudices, and a thorough comprehension of both aspects of the problem. A persuasive essay outline will describe the essay’s expected material quickly while arranging it in a logical, concise manner. Learning how to make an outline is a valuable ability for learners since some professors ask students to bring in descriptions before presenting their papers. Continue reading to know further about how to create an efficient paper outline:

Developing an outline

  1. You have to first go through every requirement that your professor asked to put in. Make sure that you have fully understood each and every detail before penning down your essay. Consult your professor if anything seems unclear to you.
  2. While deciding on the topic, start gathering the related information all together. List all the alike ideas in each category. Just pen down everything on your paper without editing it. Start organizing your different ideas and ask questions from yourself, such as who, when, what, where, and why. This activity will help you to develop your thesis statement.
  3. Then know about your objective. Seek the purpose that why you opted on this topic and what is the significance of this topic. Make sure that your expected purpose is aligned with the pre-mentioned requirements for your essay.
  4. You must identify your audience. Taking care of your audience helps you to build a stronger connection with your listeners/readers. Anticipate their reaction towards any stance of yours. Will they be sad, amused, bored, or angry, etc?
  5. Think about your thesis statement. Let it be concise and brief however covering the basic food for thought. Effective thesis statements are the worth of your overall papers. A thesis does serve as a reference point for each statement in the essay.
  6. Choose the structure of your outline. Keep it clear to the audience. Use a proper format that is universal for every type of audience. Also, use subheadings.
  7. Your outline will comprise three big sections - Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.
    • Introduction
      • Write something attractive that will engage the audience’s attention. Quoting an anecdote in the first place is always a better option.
      • Start your essay from a historical context. Now is the time to let your audience know what you actually want to tell them.
      • Add a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.
    • Body paragraphs
      • Start arranging each idea in every paragraph.
      • The format for each paragraph will be ‘main idea > evidence > supporting your statement > concluding sentence
      • The same format will be applied to each body paragraph.
    • Conclusion
      • Reiterate your thesis statement.
      • Don’t copy, just restate each point that goes back to the main points that you have already discussed above.
      • Never state any new idea here.
  8. Cross-check your designed outline, so that each point is already explained by you. Fast check that your work fully satisfies the requirements of your professor, so that you receive maximum marks! For this, you can also hire an essay writing service.

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