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There are many types of essays and you have to go through many of them while you are in your academic years. Many essays might seem easy for an expert student whilst some may be a challenging task for the others. Well, you don’t need to panic about any assigned essay if an essay writer has the basic know-how of their differences.

In this tutorial, you will be provided with the tips and guidelines of cause and effect essay which will be helpful for you to attempt an effective essay. Although the basic structure is the same for each essay, however, the only difference matters are in their context and the way it is being portrayed

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Basic concepts

Let's take an example of a research essay that discusses a condition and investigates its causes or impact, respectively. Now let assume, for instance, that your topic is ‘novel coronavirus’. You may either speak about the contributing factors of COVID or consider the consequences of COVID.

Understood? Let’s move towards the breakdown of how to write an effective essay.

Steps to write an essay

  1. Choose a topic that you feel like has a cause as well as an effect at the same time. Sometimes the professor assigns you a particular topic for your essay. The good news is that you don’t need to put a lot of effort into thinking about which topic will be suitable. However, if the professor has given you the complete freedom to choose the one, you have to be very picky about your particular topic. First, enlist some topics that come into your mind. It can be;
    • Global warming
    • Legitimization of marijuana
    • Laws about LGBT+ marriages
    • Impact of mental illnesses on physical health
    • Increase in oil prices
    • Impact of COVID-19

    Choose a topic that you are sure about. If you like you can investigate it properly then go for it. Also, it’s better to choose a topic that interests you the most, so that you can input the desired outcome as efficiently as you can.

  2. Once decided on your topic, now you can brainstorm your ideas either to choose the contributing factors or the consequences of your particular topic. You can validate your ideas with a simpler activity;
    • Draw two main ideas: factors and consequences. Enlist the possible factors about your given topic. Also, list up the consequences of your given topic.
    • Check which sides suit you better. Or on which side you can talk as per the requirement of word limit. Once sorted, go for the one. If you need more ideas, get help from a write my paper service.
  3. Now search for other credible sources to make up good content for your essay. You can use the website, blogs, scholarly articles, or journals to justify your main theme. As you will be well-researched about your topic, it will eventually help you to make an effective thesis statement. Although it is of 1-2 lines it has a huge impact on your overall essay. Basically, it will show the readers what the overall essay is about and what you are going to tell them in your essay.
  4. Sketch out an impactful outline. Your outline will look like this;
    1. Introduction
      • Thesis statement
    2. Body paragraphs
      • First main idea (1st paragraph)
      • Supporting evidence
      • Concluding remarks
      • Second main idea (2nd paragraph)
      • Concluding remarks
    3. Antithesis (where you will facilitate the opponent’s stance, but won’t deny your position)
    4. Conclusion
  5. Once done, start writing your first draft! In the end, give it a read so that it could be free from any grammatical or punctuation errors. However, you can always ask others to write my essay for me.

Happy writing!

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