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A scholarship essay is one of the most important academic writing forms that a student is required to do. The significance of this type of writing cannot be denied because scholarship essays can play a crucial role in designing future pathways. So, it is important to follow the academic standards and professional guidelines while writing a scholarship essay. I am going to share some ideas that can help an essay writer with scholarship essay format because the appearance of an essay is the very first thing that a teacher or an evaluator observes before editing the text.

The following are some quick ideas for the scholarship essay format or you can ask others to write my essay for me.


In order to format your scholarship essay, you should maintain the font size of your essay at 12. If you are adding headings then either you can use 14 for the heading or you can select 12 fonts for the whole document. Here, you just need to bold the heading.

When it comes to paper formatting, your paper should be 1 inch from all four sides. It will give your paper a more academic look.

In terms of the choice of the format, you should stick to Times New Roman or Calibri because these two are standard styles of writing that are suggested and widely used. A lot of students want to show the aesthetic side but it can lead to issues with visibility and readability. It is because your teacher might not be able to understand everything that you have written. After managing all these aspects of formatting, make sure that you have adjusted the line spacing to double because it is the standard form of maintaining the line spacing. For some of the institutions, it is 1.5 but if it would be double then your paper will have specific instructions for formatting.


It is important to design your scholarship essay with respect to the formatting style given. In most cases, APA or MLA is used. For mastering the skill of formatting, you need to consult some tutorials that can help you design the title page and come up with the adequate formalities of the paper. If you still need help, get it from a write my paper service now.


Keep the structure of your essay as simple as possible. The language should not be complex as it might create issues and understanding. It is important to note that using difficult words never ensures that you are good at something. If you have chosen simple words but you have done a to the point job then your work is good to go. Also, avoid using additional editing or tampering in your document as it can be one of the issues in the credibility of your work.

Make sure that the essay is written in the form of paragraphs and each of the paragraphs is a complete idea. Then try to manage headings because usually, an essay has only three headings, i.e. introduction, discussion, and conclusion. The title of your essay is optional but you need to mention the type of scholarship for which you are writing the essay as it leaves a responsible impression in the minds of the teachers. Also, don’t forget to sign your essay in the end because it is also considered as one of the approaches to courtesy

Word count and the length

The word count of a normal and casual scholarship essay is about 1000-1200 words. Roughly, it makes 3 ½ to about 4 pages. It is recommended not to exceed the word limit because it can lead to distraction or the evaluator might lose interest. If you are capable of writing a good and worth reading essay in less than 1000 words that will also be okay because it is not acceptable and right to cling to word limit without thinking about the quality. In case you are confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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