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Are you planning to write a personal narrative essay? Know that is a huge opportunity for you to enhance your storytelling and writing skills. Most students enjoy writing a personal narrative essay. A very few treat it as a boring task.

This blog post aims to guide an essay writer on how to write a personal narrative essay? You would find some key steps that would help you write an exceptional personal narrative essay.

By the main concept, a personal narrative essay is a type of essay that tells the reader a story. Personal narrative stories are generally assigned to students in colleges as well as in high schools. First of all, you must have some knowledge about what is a personal narrative essay? This is why we just defined it (personal narrative essay). After this, you must know that a personal narrative essay includes a character, plot, and conflicts etc. Briefly, personal narrative essays are about to write your personal story in essay form.

Step 1 – Topic selection

Selecting a topic is the very first step of writing a personal narrative essay. First of all, you must have a realistic and relevant topic to write about. You can take help of an essay writing service if you cannot pick a perfect topic. But still, select the topic that can be converted into a personal story.

Step 2 – Choosing the story

You need to choose a story once you select your topic. Make sure your story is related to your chosen topic. But remember; your story should never hurt the sentiments of others.

Step 3 – Create an outline

Draft your plot before you actually start writing. Create a list of all incidents in a systematic way. This will help you cover each and every point when writing the essay. It would also enable you to know where your story begins, the key events, and where it ends?

Step 4 – Describing key characters

You should describe every important character when writing a personal narrative essay. Here, give all details about the key character. Once upon a time, I had difficulty describing the key character in my essay. So, I hired an essay writing service and they wrote a perfect essay for me. Things they had done perfectly are; they had described how the character looks, what is their age and height etc while mentioning some exciting facts about the character.

Step 5 – Antagonist of the story

In a personal narrative essay, you should find the contender of your story and the actual conflict. The essay may be boring if it lacks this. Try to make yourself the protagonist of the story. Remember, the contender is the person who tries to stop the protagonist/character to achieve their goals.

Step 6 – Describing the scene

Describing the scene with sufficient details is also an important step in writing a personal narrative essay. Describe the scene because it enables the reader to imagine the prospect.

Step 7 – Write Incidents Chronologically

Simply writing events is not the key. The credibility you achieve when you write events chronologically. There is a possibility that your story would not make sense if events are not written chronologically. Hence, what occurred first should be written first.

Step 8 – Revise essay and make the final draft

Revise the first draft of your personal narrative essay, once you complete it. Make sure there is a strong relationship between title, theme, and story. Proceed to proofread and edit your essay when you ensured everything.

After revision, make/create the very final draft of your personal narrative essay.

Now, proceed to use it for the purpose you wrote your essay for.

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