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What is so Scary About Outlines...

The thing that makes an outline something that is as repulsive to students as like poles of a magnet is the prospect of having to condense the information. Academic essays need to be as detailed and explanatory as the outlines need to be brief.

Many professors give instructions that look something like this:

Topic Sentence: (Impossible instructions on brevity)

Sentence 1: (Impossible instructions on brevity)

Sentence 2: (More impossible instructions)

Sentence 3: (Nope. Not Happening)

Transition Sentence: (Facepalm!)

In just five sentences? You’ve got to be kidding me! Exactly my feelings. But feelings don’t make the stoic and insensitive deadlines budge an inch. At some point, an essay outline has to be written.


Here, I would like to give you some REAL tips.

Sorry, but you have to Study…

The first thing is to make sure that you read and study. Pore over your topic. The stronger grasp you have of your topic, the easier will it be to write an outline. The better that outline is, it would lead to higher grades. And who doesn’t like the look of that “A”!

Write without a Worry…

As you sit down to write, you will find it easier to narrow down the idea for your essay if you understand it. Write up to three paragraphs discussing what you have studied in no more than five sentences each.

There is one more thing. Don’t get carried away at this point. It is fine if an essay writer ends up writing more sentences than five. But make sure they are not ten instead of five because that is a problem).

Get Worried a Little Bit…

Now, edit. Reread the essays to point out the weaknesses and erase any additional information. Just give the most necessary information. Nothing more and definitely nothing less or all you will be left with will be a blank page.

Let Common Sense Guide You

Don’t stress about the topic and transition sentence. Let your instincts guide you and you will get them right without having to think about it. Just focus on delivering coherent information and these will come along. It is the right logic. Look it up! I believe there is a good storyteller inside everyone waiting for an outline to come out.

In the end, write two more paragraphs of an introduction and a conclusion. Remember to include a hook and a thesis statement in the introduction and rephrase the thesis in the light of your research in the concluding passage

I never understood the furor over the thesis anyway. If you are introducing your essay, of course, you will present the main idea in that passage.

Sorry, …but you have to Study…(Or Not)

Just focus on delivering effective information and you will mostly get it right. If you will not or cannot bow to the outline, you don’t have to ruin your GPA over it. Instead of watching your future get farther away due to your inability or unwillingness to write an outline (because a good outline leads to a good essay and a good essay to all the kinds of grades that make people look at you with awe).

Just use an online essay writing service to write your outline (and the subsequent essay since they would have already done so much). And the future outlines, and essays, and…Well, you get the idea. Bottom line: You don’t have to write it if it kills you. Leave the work to the professionals. After all, who knows it better than they do?

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