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There is no right manner or style for writing an academic research paper. The writing style, as well as the presentation of a research paper in different fields of studies, differs a lot. But it is very crucial to know the main and major components of a standard research paper. Hence, every student has to be aware of the key elements of a standard research paper.

This article aims to guide you about the key elements of a research paper by describing each one. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

Major Elements of a Standard Research Paper

  1. Abstract

    Every academic research paper does not require an abstract. But a standard or formal research paper does include it. The importance of an abstract is much crucial when the research paper is complex. In most cases, an abstract is written between 150 to 350 words. An abstract generally provides a broad view and general idea of the research paper. Moreover, an abstract main theme and essence of the research paper that includes the research problem/question, its importance, research methodology, and key findings.

    No matter how much the paper is long, your abstract must not exceed one (1) page in length.

  2. Introduction

    The introduction is a major element of a research paper. Because it provides an overview of the research study attractively and impressively. The introduction of a research paper clearly states the research question/problem and the thesis. For students, never try to give detailed justifications for your main topic and argument in the introduction. Or just hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

  3. Study limitations

    This element of the paper is a critical part when it comes to writing it. This section indicates what the researcher intends to do. And what you are not aiming to attempt. Limitations of the study should be clearly stated when writing a research proposal prior to your research paper. Your paper can be limited to any relevant factor such as personnel, location, or time, etc. Additionally, limitations of the study show weaknesses in the research design which may manipulate results.

  4. Research methodology

    The methodology is the section when an essay writer describes the research process you have conducted. In simple words, a discussion of research methodology is a major element of a research paper. Also, specify, which method of research have you used? For example, quantitative research or qualitative research method? As well as a discussion of data collection and sources used.

  5. Results

    The results section is comparatively concise than other sections such as introduction, literature review, and research methodology, etc. This section includes a short introduction and data in a long research paper. Typically, elucidation of data analysis is what leads to generating the results of the research paper.

  6. Conclusion and Discussion

    In terms of writing, the last section of a research paper is called the discussion section. It is an important element or section of the research paper because it gives an overview of the whole paper. This section/part is where the findings of the research study are assessed and interpreted prior to the literature and body of the paper. On the other hand, the conclusion section is the part that brings together all points of the study. As well as underscores what the whole research process and research findings mean. At last, this particular section of a research paper (Conclusion and Discussion) attempts to connect end results or findings to the wide picture of the research study. It also shows how these research findings/results may be made functional or implemented.

    You learned about all the key elements of a research paper. But never forget that references and appendices should always be there. Otherwise, a research paper can never be considered complete. In case you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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