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There are many types of academic writings and the most common are essays. Students get confused while writing different types of essays because the requirements for each type are different and it becomes confusing for them too. However, the basic structure and standard procedure are the same for all types of academic essays. It is important to understand the basic requirements for your essay to be able to write an amazing essay. If you know the standard procedure of writing an essay it becomes a piece of cake.

So don’t worry if you do not know how to write a professional essay I will help you out by writing a mind-blowing essay for you. You just need to have basic writing skills to write an essay. Following a proper guide is so easy and helpful for you to learn the procedure of writing a Critical Essay. You have to analyze the given text critically by adding claims and evidence to prove your stance. It is important to make it more compelling and appealing for the readers. You have to analyze it so well that readers get impressed by your writing or you can ask others to write essay for me.

A Standard Procedure to Write an Essay

1. Examine your Sources

An essay writer needs to understand the subject of your evaluation before you start writing an essay. In order to critically analyze a specific piece of the subject, you need to read it thoroughly first. You have to read it critically and make rough notes while reading so that you won’t forget the points. You need to focus on the tone and the style of the author that he uses to convey the message to the readers. Think of the message he wants to convey and match it with the message that is actually being conveyed through the vocabulary and tone of the text.

2. Organize your Thoughts

Once you have read the text you need to organize your own thoughts so that you can pen them down in an essay appropriately. You need to make notes of what you think of the text after analyzing it critically.

3. State your Thesis Statement

Developing a thesis statement is the most important yet crucial part of the essay. This is the central part so your entire essay depends on it. You need to make sure that the thesis statement is clear and vivid. It should reflect the entire essay in one or two lines. You have to make a claim in your thesis statement that you will defend in your body paragraphs. In case you are confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

4. Draw an Outline

Now you have to draw a proper outline of the essay on how to start writing. This part of the essay usually gets skipped; this is why most of the students end up blank in the middle of the essay. It gives a proper direction on what information needs to be added in what section of the essay.

5. Structure Your Essay

Now you can start writing by structuring your essay properly. Beginning from the introduction of the essay and then adding arguments and evidence to support those claims in your body paragraphs. In order to conclude the entire essay in one short paragraph, you need to write a conclusion at the end.

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