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If you are given the task of writing an annotation of all the sources you used in your essays, and you have no clue about where to start, then this article is for you. Don’t worry if you’re not aware of the writing procedure of annotated bibliographies, because many students don’t. In this article, you will get to know about what procedure to follow when given the task of writing annotations.

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Now, jumping right into the topic of the article, which is the standard procedure of writing annotated bibliographies. Do you even know what they are? If not, then let me put it out in plain words for you. An annotated bibliography is a short and comprehensive description of sources you used to write your essay. Those sources could be a book, an article or a journal, or any other document. The purpose of the annotation is to reveal the authenticity and relevance of the source with the topic of your essay.

It is of around 150-200 words or according to the requirements of your professor. Be sure to check the guidelines provided by your teacher before you begin the writing process.

Below is the standard procedure that you should opt for when given the task of writing annotations. Trust me, you'll not regret following this procedure. You can also ask an essay writing service to complete it for you.

  1. 1. Choose credible and relevant sources

    You choose your sources before or during the writing process of your essay. Be sure to choose only those sources which are credible and related to your topic of study. A credible source is one that is backed up by solid facts. Any source that does not include information based on statistics or solid facts will not be considered as an authentic source and will straight away account for zero grades. So be very careful when choosing sources.

  2. 2. Write the citation according to the required format

    Before the annotation lies the citation of the source. The citation will be done according to the format required in the guidelines. The common formats include APA and MLA format.

  3. 3. Include major components

    Three major components should be included in an annotation. These components briefly describe the purpose or aim of the study, key findings of the study, and how it applies to the topic of your essay. All of these components are important to meet the basic purpose of annotations, which is to show the authenticity and relevance of the resource used.

  4. 4. Annotation format

    Follow the same format for the annotation that you used for the citation. You can not write annotation in an MLA format if you chose to write its citation in the APA format.

  5. 5. Review before submission

    Make it a habit to review and revise any document before submission. At this stage of writing annotations, look for any possible error in your writing and be certain that you included all major elements. It is recommended that you take the services of a free essay writer to proofread your essay.

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    There is a high chance of you to ace your annotated bibliographies if you follow the above-mentioned procedure. Although there's no hard and fast rule to follow the same procedure each time. You can make alterations to it whenever needed.

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