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Personal statements are important for the student or an essay writer seeking admission to any institution. These statements allow the college committees to know the reason for the selection of any particular university by the student. A personal statement should also reflect on how you will be beneficial to society after this degree. In the following lines, I will provide prompts to help you develop interesting personal statements with regard to various different fields and disciplines or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. In our everyday life, we keep a record of expenses against our income. This record helps us to know our financial position. I will learn accounting as a science so that I can record all the transactions properly.
  2. I will take accountancy to know more about the events happening in the financial world and their consequences for a common man. This will allow me to know the true reasons for the previous financial crisis.
  3. I am a person who is much fluent in working with numbers than with words. I also want to find newer ways to save money and use it better than the previous one. An accounting course will help me to commercialize my understanding.
  4. When I studied science at the school level, I was astonished by the complex nature of the human body and wanted to explore it. Studying biology will help me in making my dream come true.
  5. I have been facing many issues related to my health since my childhood. These issues have compelled me to take some courses in the health sciences to know about the diseases in detail.
  6. I have studied science for a long and I want to research something useful for human beings. The field of medical and health sciences is the most appropriate for me to help mankind.
  7. The brain is the most complex part of the human body and its structure and complexity have compelled me to take a degree in neurosurgery.
  8. Looking at the situation of disabled people on the streets of my city has compelled me to study medical sciences.
  9. From my childhood, I have been attracted to sports and physical activity. I have a desire to see sports as a science. Sports sciences have attracted me to enhance my knowledge of sports.
  10. I wanted to work independently to earn a living and this desire compelled me to take admission to the business course.
  11. Management is an integral part of all walks of life for an individual or an organization. To learn the art of management and in particular, human resource management, I have decided to take the business and management course.
  12. I have decent convincing skills and taking a marketing course will polish them further. I will be studying business studies with a major in marketing.
  13. I have come across many successful local managers who failed to perform well in foreign countries. This happening compelled me to take a course in international business and management
  14. I have come across many friends who are fluent in a single language only. They have problems while communicating with people from other countries. This observation has prompted me to study Chinese as my second language.

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