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Public speaking can seem like a frightening feat for some people. The ability to deliver a speech confidently and passionately needs a lot of subtle pressure. Thus, making speech a nerve-wracking pursuit. For most of us, public speaking is a skill we wish to acquire. For example, what if an essay writer needs to give an introductory speech at your new job? Or give a presentation in front of the whole class?

Let's admit it: The older we become, the more unavoidable public speaking becomes. Do you know? Many people rank the public speaking fear greater than the fear of death. It is not wrong to say that this fear can harm your professional as well as personal life. Now it's time to overcome the fears of public speaking with these simple tips to sound like Obama.

Barack Obama has been known for his public speaking excellence. He is a master at keeping and grabbing the attention of his audience which is the first main goal of any public speaker. It is not wrong to say that he is a gifted speaker who always has something to teach to all leaders in politics and business regardless of their views on politics. How does Obama do it? He uses three techniques of public speaking to captivate his audience or you can ask others to write my essay for me.


By using tangible and concrete language, he takes his audience to another place and actually paints a picture that they can imagine in their head. Remember! The audience demands specificity and doesn’t like meaningless jargon.

Be clear on your message

Obama uses every minute of his speech wisely. He always has one simple but clear message for his audience. Keep in mind! if you are not clear about your own message that it's impossible for your audience to get your message either. When you sit to write your speech, always start with a compelling, clear, and concise message and make sure everything you say fully supports it.

Don't Speak too fast

Most of us are always in a hurry to speak which makes it difficult for the audience to keep up with us. Obama is a master of pause and effectively uses his voice that allows the audience to understand and follow each and every word which he selected very carefully. At one time, he lowers his volume, slows down, and takes pauses for impact. At other times he raises his voice volume and speeds up his pace to emphasize a key sentence. To sound like Obama, you should have a conversational tone to speak with clarity. Breathe calmly as it will improve clarity and also reduce stress. Use gestures, words, and voice to deliver your message effectively. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.

Speak in sound bites

A soundbite is something that your audience always remembers and which animates and supports your message. Remember! When you are speaking for more than an hour, it is easy to lose interest in your audience. Give your audience something they will remember by animating and supporting your message with strong soundbites that they can relate to.

Keep your Body Language Relaxed

The body language of Obama is always relaxed and does not display fear or tension. To deliver a perfect speech, always try to be assertive and calm by focusing on a single point and always follow the standard speech format. Do little practice before delivering a speech. This will improve your communication skills as the only way to learn is to practice, practice, and practice. Record your speech and then listen or watch it so that you can get used to your own speaking style and voice.

Get Organized

Another tip to deliver a good speech is to organize all your ideas and thoughts. When you have organized and clear thoughts, it can greatly reduce your anxiety and helps you in giving a great speech.

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