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Many times it has happened that students are extraordinarily content but their essay is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Now when they check their essays for grammatical errors they easily point them out and fix them. However, this is not the case with spelling mistakes. Because many students have memorized the wrong spelling, they are not able to correct them when proofreading. Even small spelling mistakes can cause a huge loss in grades. It is understandable that a student cannot learn all the spellings but an essay writer can improve some of the major spelling mistakes and then rectify other spelling mistakes slowly.

Common Spelling Errors

The intellect has nothing to do with spelling mistakes which means that even a bright student can make spelling mistakes. But it is necessary that you learn the correct spellings and it's these mistakes. Here are some of the major spelling mistakes which students often make in their essays. Also, this article has some tips for you to avoid these mistakes.

1. Single/Double Letters

The most common spelling mistake is that students get confused about whether to write single or double letters. So, they place double letters in place of single ones and vice versa. But the biggest issue here is that these spelling mistakes are very difficult to point out because they are missed by eyes when proofreading easily. For instance, when writing the correct spelling of embarrassment you will be confused about whether you should write two ‘r’ or two ‘s’.

2. Silent Letters

Like many other languages, English also has some silent letters in particular words. This means that those that are will be included in the spelling but will not be pronounced. So the students who learn spellings often miss the silent letters when writing them in essays. A Common example of such spelling mistakes is of ‘Handkerchief’ which is often misspelled as ‘Handkerchief’.

3. Position of ‘i’ and ‘e’

The placement of ‘i’ and ‘e’ in many spellings is tricky, which often leads to a number of mistakes. Some birds require you to write ‘i’ before ‘e’ while some of them demand you to write ‘e’ before ‘i’. writing which of these orders is confusing for many students. For instance, you must have written the wrong spellings of receive as ‘Recieve’ at least once.

4. Confusion with ‘or’ and ‘er’

Another common confusion because of the sound of the words is caused by the use of ‘or’ and ‘er’. For example, the words ‘doctor’ and ‘gather’ have the same ending sounds but clearly not similar spellings.

5. Writing How you Speak

ESL students commit certain spelling mistakes like they spell the words how they speak them. They use their accent to determine spelling mistakes. For the reason that they always speak that word in a specific way, they memorize the spelling in that way. An example of it is writing the ‘modern’ as ‘Modern. Remember, you can always hire a write my paper service to complete this task for you.

6. Words that Sound Similar

Learning to speak English is easy but writing can be a bit difficult. If you feel troubled and wish that if someone could write my essay for me free online then look online for quality essay writing services. There are many words that sound similar but they have drastically different meanings. For instance, people get between the spellings of ‘Accept’ and ‘Except’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ and more.

How to Avoid Spelling Errors

Now let’s take a look at how you can avoid these spelling mistakes. Here are some tips effective for beginners as well.

  1. Read a lot! Reading will teach you new words and also let you learn the common spellings. When you read, you learn the spellings subconsciously.
  2. Practice makes man perfect and it’s very true for the spellings. After you learn the right spelling from reading, make sure that you write it too so you never forget it again.
  3. You can also play various spelling games online to remember the words easily.

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