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Have you ever thought about how much time you take in writing an analytical essay outline? If it takes much time then you need to excel in this art. Once you know how to develop an analytical essay outline then you can easily develop an outstanding essay.

To be precise, analytical essays help to enhance your ability to think logically and make you alert about your surroundings. It helps you to question the existence of anything and enables you to add those interesting facts into your writing. Creating an effective analytical essay outline for an analytical essay is almost extremely important. It is so because the outline enables you to put things according to the set sequence. If you are an average essay writer then make sure to be ready for drafts, as this will help you to improve your weaknesses and will make you learn more efficiently.

No doubt, several ways can be used to organize and create the outline. But it does not matter how you decide the outline for your essay. The point is your outline will always have three (3) major and important points which are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body or Discussion
  3. Conclusion

You can comfortably make your analytical essay of any length; if you have understood the purpose of the above-mentioned point for an outline. To further help you in understanding the above points please continue reading the following paragraphs:


The introduction is considered as the most important part of an essay outline. As it gives the first impression. Make sure you design a strong introduction part in your outline for an analytical essay. The introduction must consist of all the key points of your analytical essay. The main points you must put in the introduction part of your outline are but not only;

  • Introduction to the main topic
  • Hook sentence(s)
  • Information about topic background
  • A strong thesis statement

Body or Discussion

The body or analysis part is also an important part when we look at how it contains all details and analyses. Another point about the importance of the Body part is that it provides complete information that a reader wants to know about the topic.

Always keep in mind! You should consider each body paragraph as a complete paper. As it contains all the points that justify the thesis statement (i.e. add to the introduction section of the essay). Always read several analytical essay outlines on various topics before developing your own essay outline. This will give you the scope and range of ideas that would help you to develop a well-organized outline.

Make sure you keep the outline of the body as follows.

  • Topic Sentence: A particular claim or argument, the sustaining/supporting piece of evidence and knot (One time each in all body paragraphs)
  • Defense of Argument or Claim: Defend the argument or claim with evidence
  • Closing Sentence: Close the argument with a complete point that makes the paragraph justified


Ending up with a strong and claim based conclusion is the way to finish successfully. You must do your best to come up with a strong conclusion. Focus on the following points when creating an outline for the conclusion of your analytical essay.

  • Summary of the essay
  • Reword/rewording/reworded thesis statement
  • Ending/final hook or thoughts

Normally, analytical essays are written in movies, books, or novels. However, at times the essay prompt would require you to focus on any specific problem or issue related to any character/s or plot of the movie/novel. At that point, it would be your responsibility to think about what should be your focus and how you will take that direction confidently. Make sure to develop solid claims in the body/discussion section, so that you would get enough material to end the discussion effectively in conclusion.

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