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A standard rhetorical analysis essay actually breaks a non-fiction work into meaningful parts. It then elaborates on how those parts work together to develop a specific effect, which may be in the form of persuasion, information, or entertainment. There is no wonder that every challenging essay is crafted on the basis of a proper outline structure. But in the case of a rhetorical analysis essay, it becomes essential and core requirement to draft a well-structured outline. An author or an essay writer cannot take a stand against or for an argument to prove his claim unless he has formed an ideal and effective outline.

If the outline for an essay is crafted well and purposefully, writing the essay becomes way too easier. The reader may expect a high level of credibility and coherence in your analysis and argument to either agree or disagree with your stance. A well-structured outline makes you able to compel the reader to keep reading your essay until the end. This article is going to help you craft a brilliant and idealistic outline for a rhetorical essay.

A generic outline structure for your rhetorical analysis essay may be as follows:

  1. I. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Thesis statement
    3. First Argument
    4. Second Argument
    5. Third Argument
  2. II. Explanation / Main Body
    • Body Paragraph #1
      1. First Argument
      2. First Example
      3. Second Example
      4. Third Example
      5. Transition
    • Body Paragraph #2
      1. Second Argument
      2. First Example
      3. Second Example
      4. Third Example
      5. Transition
    • Body Paragraph #3
      1. Third Argument
      2. First Example
      3. Second Example
      4. Third Example
      5. Transition
  3. III. Conclusion
    1. Restate the thesis statement
    2. Restate the three arguments
    3. Clincher

Explanation of the Outlines

Introduction: Short and brief introduction with background and context of the topic argument.
Hook: Take hold of the interest of your reader with a catchy depiction, question, quote, or presenting a scenario.
Thesis Statement: Clearly state the claim and your point of view that you will talk about and prove through your discussion in the essay.
Arguments/Claims: Select and write different arguments that you will incorporate in the essay to persuade your readers to accept your stance.

Body Paragraphs

There should be a minimum of three body paragraphs each carrying one of the arguments you stated above in the introductory paragraph. Each argument in all three paragraphs must be supported with valid and authentic examples and resources. You can see above in the rhetorical analysis essay outline that each body paragraph contains one argument. All three body paragraphs must be coherent and logically united by using transitions. The use of transitions connects the paragraphs and doesn’t let the essay lack the flow in creating the impact and true meaning. Transition sentences must be used at the end of each body paragraph in a way as to develop a connection with the forthcoming paragraphs and ideas.


For writing a proper and ideal conclusion, first, restate your thesis statement and all the arguments you claimed above but not in the same words. Use different vocabulary or sentence-style to restate the thesis and arguments. Next, summarize all the discussion by using major points from the discussion of all the arguments. After this, write your closing statement that may tie up all the arguments and thesis statements and prove the claim you made in the opening paragraph. Remember that your conclusion must not be a lengthy and vague one. It should be clear, precise, brief, and shorter in length but proving your claim vividly.

Note: This outline and the explanation was a generic one just to guide you how you can craft your outline for a rhetorical analysis essay. You may structure your outlines differently according to your topic’s requirements and the demands of your teacher if you are a student. If you need help in creating a perfect outline, hire an expert essay writing service now!

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