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Are you struggling to write a debate for your college? If yes, then worrying about it won’t work and you have to do something else about it. Maybe look around for some hacks on how to structure your arguments to defeat your opponent in a debate. That seems like a good idea.

Stop writing and erasing the points that make no sense to an essay writer and can end up making you lose the debate.

I understand that there are a few students who find it difficult to convey their views to people. Debating and defending your stance is even more challenging. Remember one thing, nothing is impossible and you have the ability to learn anything you want. Debate writing may not seem like a piece of cake for you but it isn’t rocket science either that you can’t learn. So, stop being anxious and focus on the tricks and hacks that I will share with you to help you structure your arguments in a debate or you can ask others to write my essay for me in no time.

Hacks to Structure Your Argument

There are main parts that need to be considered while structuring a strong argument in a debate.

1. Claim

First of all, you have to claim an argument by presenting your argument in a vivid and clear statement. The claim suggests the reason why you are debating in favor of or against a particular subject or topic. It is important to make a claim in your debate to proceed further.

2. Evidence

Once you have stated your claim now is the time to provide authentic and valid evidence to support your claim. You can give examples, historical examples, statistical facts and figures, quotes of any famous personality or analogies to prove your point to the readers. Providing well-researched and authentic evidence can help upgrade your argument in a debate.

3. Impact

Now when you have clearly stated your claim along with the evidence to support your argument now is the time to show the impact of your argument. You need to explain the significance of your arguments to the audience to understand the importance of the subject.

Tips to defeat your Opponent in a Debate


You should begin your debate with a catchy line that would grab the attention of the audience. The opening sentence has a huge impact on the further development of the arguments.

Tip #2

Try to identify your audience and try to convince them by being interactive and casual with them. The tone and the style of the debate should be a little casual and persuasive to ensure that your point leaves a huge impact on the audience.


Try to be proactive by answering all the possible questions regarding the subject and your opinion. Do not leave any loophole that can make your position weak. You have to be as relatable with the audience as much you can.


Research well, know the details of your subject deeply, and try to ask questions from your opponent to prove your point by making them speechless.

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