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Building an argument and organizing your thoughts for your essays is not always easy. Often, the diversity of viewpoints about a topic keeps us distracted. We are often unsure as to which direction to pursue and what idea to discuss. But worry not, for we have some of the best hacks that will help an essay writer write compelling essays.

In the following article, you will get to familiarize yourself with ten powerful writing hacks to structure your argumentative essays.

  1. 1) Choose Your Topic:

    The first and foremost step to writing a good essay is having a comprehensive, researchable, and compelling topic. If given the opportunity to choose an essay topic, I would write my paper on the topic of my interest. Choosing something of interest is a great way to develop your focus and passion to write the essay.

  2. 2) Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

    Once you have your topic narrowed down, the next important step is to come up with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must narrate your stance concerning your topic of choice.

  3. 3) Collect Evidence to Support Your Ideas

    Collecting relevant and scholarly evidence for your essays is a fundamental step; especially for argumentative essay topics where you require strong evidence, discussions, and statistics to support your point, having relevant evidence is a must. You can refer to Google Scholar for journal articles, authentic databases, and books.

  4. 4) Annotate Your Resources

    Filtering out the irrelevant material and annotating the sources before starting your essay is important. Often, sources get jumbled up or information gets mixed up, therefore, having an annotated bibliography beforehand will allow you to easily revisit your target sources.

  5. 5) Make an Outline for Your Essay

    Now that you have all your supporting evidence ready, you are in a position to make an outline for your essay. It is up to you whether you want to go for a rough outline or a detailed one. However, If I were to write my essay for me, I would prefer a detailed outline. Having all your arguments aligned with your counter-arguments can be a great help.

  6. 6) Create a Story

    When writing essays, especially argumentative essays, you have to make them interesting for readers. Adopting a story style where you take the readers on a journey with your arguments is preferable. Build a narrative in your essays to keep the flow going. Nobody likes to read essays filled with mere facts and figures. Surprise the readers with something interesting, shocking, or compelling that is also relevant to your topic.

  7. 7) Avoid Informal Vocabulary

    Using informal vocabulary or expressions kill the vibe of the essay. Make sure you avoid using any contractions, slang, inappropriate vocabulary, or personal pronouns in your essay.

  8. 8) Keep Citing While You Write

    One major mistake that people make is to leave their citations for the end. This can prove disastrous especially when you are running on a short deadline. To avoid this, add your in-text citations while you write. Use softwares for easy referencing.

  9. 9) Always Proofread

    Before submitting your essay, make sure to have a critical overview of your write-up. Proofread what you have written. Check your spellings, vocabulary, tenses, sentence construction, and punctuation.

  10. 10) Get Your Essays Peer-Reviewed

    It is only natural to miss some of the errors while writing. To ensure that your work is error-free, get it to peer check. Also, ask for their opinion on your arguments. Keep a note of the potential improvements which can be made.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the information required to write your essay. So grab your notebooks and start writing!

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