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There has been debate on abortion for many years whether it should be legalized or not. It is a controversial topic having multiple opinions on it. It is challenging for the students to develop an effective thesis statement on this topic due to the presence of multiple opinions on it.

Students can take assignment help from their families and essay writing service in writing a good thesis statement on abortion. Some of the examples and guidelines in the development of a thesis statement on abortion are as follows:

General Things to Consider

Before writing a thesis statement on abortion, an essay writer must consider the following things:

  • Stick to the provided instructions
  • Write quality work
  • Follow the specified format
  • Stick to the word limit
  • Avoid plagiarism

Strictly adhere to these points to write a high-notch thesis statement on abortion.

Before writing a thesis statement on abortion you must be clear whether you want to write in favor of or against abortion.

Arguments for Thesis Statement

One way to write a good thesis statement is by providing arguments on the cause and effect of abortion. You will first describe the causes of abortion and then explain its possible implications. You should aim at the result of the abortion. Ask someone to write my essay for me if you need professional help.

There are some pro-life arguments that negate the process of abortion. Based on these arguments, the thesis statement can be constructed.

  • There are many risks of abortion as it can lead to infertility, cervix damages, and uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Abortion can lead to depression in the women and they can repent on the decision of killing their child. The women who went through abortion have the chance of having breast cancer.
  • Many women want to conceive and give birth to the baby. Women should not negate this blessing by aborting their children.
  • The baby growing inside the womb of the mother is a living organism. Abortion is the murder of innocent life.
  • When the women go for an abortion in the late pregnancy the baby inside them experiences severe pain.
  • Aborting a baby means there is no importance to human life and it can be killed for selfish reasons.
  • All religions consider abortion as an unethical and immoral act while negating it.

    Some anti-abortion arguments can also be used in the construction of the thesis statement.

  • Women get affected by abortion
  • Feminist principles get violated
  • Abortion enslaves the women in the guilt of the murder

Abortion Thesis Statement Example

  • Abortion has been legalized and abortion facilities are available due to the psychological and physiological dangers of unwanted pregnancies.
  • Before a minor can undergo the abortion, psychological and medical agencies facilitate the abortion with the consent of parents or guardians.
  • Abortion is an illegal and unethical activity that leads to the murder of a baby who has an equal right to life.
  • Abortion needs to be legalized because women have full command and authority over their bodies. They can use the right to the body to abort the unwanted pregnancy.
  • Abortion should not be allowed because it is against the true spirits of religions, ethics, and morality.

A question raised in the essay should be answered in the form of a thesis statement. The whole paper revolves around the thesis statement so it should be based upon knowledge and authentic ideas. All these ideas and opinions in the thesis statement should be supported by the facts and the evidence. You can also take help from the paper writing service writers.

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