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Following all steps of any procedure is an essential condition to expect the correct result. This rule also applies when you are going to write a research paper. As a student of the field of research, it is necessary for you to learn about all the different requirements of writing a good research paper. It is an extended form of essay that allows you to present your argument and evaluate it accordingly.

The journey of constructing a good research paper is not possible if you skip the element of research questions. Research experts have a consensus that building appropriate research questions for the research paper is an integral condition. It is a handy research tool that is used to determine the overall aim of the research project.

A researcher always intends to answer a research question that is directly linked with the main research problem of a research paper. To know better about this requirement, you are advised to consult any online writing service to know better about the importance of research questions. Also, you can check the work of any essay writer or professional research paper writer to get an idea of how to produce good research questions for your project. Here, we are going to share some of the aspects that can help you to determine the role of research questions in the context of a research paper or you can ask others to write my paper.

Purpose of Developing Research Questions

Crafting correct research questions is essential as it provides a guideline to your research paper. It explicitly indicates what you want to explore and analyze in your research work. Research questions of your work should align with the central focus and purpose of your research paper.

Fundamental Requirements or Criteria to Develop Research Questions

Following are the conditions that should follow to develop good research questions for a research paper:

  • The focus should be on one problem or concern.
  • You can conduct research on that using primary and/or secondary resources.
  • Your research questions should be realistic according to a specific timeframe.
  • Inclusiveness is another important point of consideration.
  • Another crucial point of consideration is that it should relate to your main field of study or the problem of your research paper.
  • Design research questions with the possibility of complex responses in your research paper. Do not make it extra simple that eventually, you fail to give a detailed response in your paper.
  • Originality is a key principle or requirement when you aim to construct research questions for your research paper. Add novelty in your question statements to make them more interesting for the audience.

You are advised to check different sample research papers to better figure out how a good research question should craft. For this, research papers on various subjects such as English papers and other field-specific papers are available that can guide you. Obtaining prior guidance is always the best option to expect excellent results for your paper.

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The process to Write a Research Question

You need to follow some basic steps to write a good research question for a research paper. Hence, remember these points to avoid any ambiguity in the future:

  • First, pick a broad topic.
  • Do some initial and thorough research work to explore more about related issues and concerns.
  • Narrow down a topic to a specific point that you are interested to focus on for your research work.
  • Exploration of a practical research problem that you intend to address in your research paper.
  • When you are clear about the main research problem, it will become easy for you to construct one or more research questions according to the requirement.

Types of Research Questions

As a researcher and writer, you must be familiar with different types of research questions. This sort of information will help you craft specific research questions according to the nature of your research approach. It is imperative to apprehend that developing research questions is a must practice in the case of both qualitative and quantitative research work. Research questions directly link with the paradigms of type of research and research design that you are going to use for your paper.

Descriptive, relational, and causal are known as three basic types of research questions that can be used in the case of any research paper. Let us briefly overview the nature of all these categories of research questions.

Descriptive: When you are aiming to illustrate the existing phenomenon in your research paper, this type of research question is a suitable option. In other words, the descriptive research question is a good type to apprehend the position of a single variable. This sort of research question usually starts with “What is?” “How much?” “What time,” etc.

Relational: This specific type is used to explore anticipated relationships that might exist in the case of two or more than two variables or aspects. It shows how different items or aspects relate to one another. There is a need for considering more than one object or variable to examine the existing association between them. Simply, the focus of this type of research question is to determine ‘How are these variables or aspects connected?

Causal: It describes as cause and effect research questions that are constructed to figure out whether one or more variables have any effect on the outcome variables. It is an appropriate choice of the research question to use when the researcher wants to examine the features of cause and effects of any feature over the other.

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