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You may be aware of some common rhetorical techniques or devices such as metaphors and similes as you use them often in your essays. But what you may not know is that there are plenty of other techniques that you may or may not have used. There is although a probable chance that you might have run into them and used them without even knowing they existed.

These rhetorical techniques can be used to make your essays persuasive and have an impact on the reader. Some of them have these elaborative Greek names but don’t let them fool you since these techniques are pretty easy, unlike their names. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to identify those strategies and how to make them more effective to upgrade your essay score.

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Rhetorical Techniques

  1. 1. Logos

    The first technique is logos which in literal terms means “logic”. We can identify this in multiple ways such as data, facts, or sometimes even conditional scenarios like if this happens then that will happen. In short, logic is the reason. The author uses logos to appeal to logic and tells readers what logical deduction is and why is the writer saying what he is saying.

    It is effective in conveying an argument on logical grounds. An essay writer needs to be very specific on your facts and tell what exactly proves your point.

  2. 2. Ethos

    Ethos is yet another technique to persuade your readers. A rhetorical analysis essay adds credibility and appeals to ethics. They are in first-person pronouns and roughly tell the moral character of the writer. When a writer appears to be ethical and morally correct, readers tend to find the entire text all the more credible. Therefore, this technique is used to impress readers through the credibility of the writer.

  3. 3. Pathos

    This rhetorical technique appeals to the emotions of the readers. In essays, it is important for a writer to explicitly highlight through text which emotion he intends to appeal to. It could be the emotion of nostalgia, fear, happiness, or any other emotion. Using this technique, the writer can strike a chord with the reader and persuades them through emotions.

  4. 4. Anecdote

    It is a type of rhetorical technique in which you tell an amusing or interesting short story about something that a reader can relate to. When I write my essay for me, I usually use my personal experiences and narrate them in an interesting yet relatable way. This is again an effective technique to persuade readers as you sort of find a common ground with those readers.

    They are often used in combination with ethos but that's not the case always. You can use them as independent personal anecdotes and they will stand as effective as anything else.

  5. 5. Juxtaposition

    Another very effective technique is juxtaposition. There are different subcategories of this technique but if you understand only its main idea then I think that's enough. Through this technique, you compare and contrast two things, places, or events in your essay. You place those two things close enough for readers to understand their contradicting nature and prove your point. This technique is effective when you are claiming one thing to be better than the other and then through comparison, you persuade your reader.

There are a lot more techniques used in rhetorical essays but the above mentioned are some common ones that you must know when given the task of writing such an essay or you can ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

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