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People often discuss how college is the best time of your life. This is true, but college can be very stressful as well. You can be asked to write thousands of words on topics that you are not interested in. There is no need to panic though because academic writing is easy once you understand the rules.

What are the rhetorical analysis essays?

In this type of essay, you have to analyze a piece of writing and discuss the style of writing chosen by the author. How do authors try to persuade the reader into agreeing with their stance? A well-written rhetorical analysis essay thus takes phrases, words, or sentences from the work of an author and explains how the writing style is either persuasive or ineffective. The basic format of this type of essay is similar to all other essay types.

How to approach rhetorical analysis essays

There are 2 ways to approach this essay. The easier way is to hire an essay service and say “please write my essay for me according to the given instructions and rubric". The website will take an amount of money and draft a properly formatted and plagiarism-free essay. The other method is to thoroughly go through the work on which you are writing your rhetoric analysis and then as the following questions.

  • What is the basic theme or subject of the work that is being analyzed?
  • Who wrote the original piece of work and who is the author of the work being analyzed?
  • Who wrote the original piece of work? And who is the essay writer of the work that you are studying?
  • When did the mentioned event/events take place? What other events were taking place at the time?
  • Who did the author have in mind when writing the piece of work?
  • Why did the author write whatever is written? What is the purpose of this writing?

Steps by step guide

Once you have answered the aforementioned questions, you are ready to craft your final essay by following the given outline

  1. Introduction

    The first thing that the reader of your essay will look at is the introduction. It must contain the description of the paper along with a hook. You must make the story interesting to enhance the reader’s curiosity. At the end of the introduction paragraph, write your argument in 1-2 sentences and state briefly how you are backing up this claim. This thesis statement must give the reader an idea of what to expect in the paper.

  2. Body paragraphs

    In these paragraphs, you have to justify your point of view mentioned in the thesis statement. You can make as many paragraphs as you want to depend on the word count. You may criticize the writing style of the author and discuss specific parts of the paper where the ineffective style was used. Outside sources can also be cited in the body paragraphs to justify your opinion regarding the style of writing.

  3. Conclusion

    In this paragraph, summarize all the details in the paper. Use the thesis statement in the introduction and rephrase it. Do not add anything new to this part of the paper. Dedicate only around 50-80 words to your conclusion.

    If your deadline is approaching and you still don’t understand how to write a rhetorical analysis, don’t worry. You can search online for the best essay writing service. These online essay writers will draft an essay on your behalf or check your essay for errors and make corrections. The choice of whether to write it yourself or use online services is yours and depends on time.


A rhetorical analysis is perhaps the most difficult piece of academic writing. It is recommended that you provide a lot of time writing a rough outline. If you follow the mentioned steps, you will be able to write your essay within no time. You can also use online paper writing service websites to get one made for you. This will help you focus on other assignments that are due.

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