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When you come to a point to write a thesis or research proposal, you are almost near the end of your education journey. The research proposal helps you to showcase your capacity and skills to research in your chosen field.

Let’s start with the definition of the research proposal. The research proposal is a detailed plan of research projects that students of Ph.D. or undergraduate needs to submit before starting research. This guide will help both Ph.D. and undergraduate students who are working on their research projects. Most of the students start with great motivation and enthusiasm, but soon they become despair as the research process is very challenging and complex. Therefore, they often end up hiring a professional essay writing service to get done with this task. Let’s look at the content of a research proposal


One of the main purposes of adding background information is to let readers know the context and focus of your study. The readers need to know why your research is significant. You can do this by providing a research gap and the issue that needs to be addressed. Remember! The background information should not be more than two paragraphs. Most of the students face difficulty in knowing how to start an essay or research proposal. If you are also facing the same then take help from an online expert essay writer. They will help you in writing your research proposal in the best possible way.

The research focus

The focus of your research provides information about the rationale of the study. Keep in mind your research focus should link to the background information. The research focus leads to study objectives, aims, and values. Instead of just considering the main focus of your research, explain why research in this area is important. In case you need help, ask others to write my essay for me.

Research objectives

The next step is to include the research aims and objectives. Objectives are usually written in bullet points and must be identifiable and clear. There are a few things that you should remember while writing objectives.

  • Appropriateness: Your research objectives should relate to your study topic.
  • Distinctness: Your research objective should focus on achieving the overall aim of the research.
  • Clarity: Each research objective should avoid ambiguity
  • Achievable: Each Objective should be realistic and must be completed within the required time.
  • Start each objective with a keyword (e.g. assess, examine, determine, evaluate, investigate)
  • Keep your objective to a maximum of 5 to demonstrate a logical and clear position that exudes competence.


It’s okay to assume that because the introduction is the first part to be read by people, it means that it should be written first. But it’s not true. It is much better to write your introduction after you have completed other parts of your research proposal. The introduction of your research proposal should include the following points.

  • Provide background information that clear the focus of your study
  • Include your research aim and objectives.
  • Specify the significance of your research study

Literature review

Before you start your research, conduct literature reviews to have an understanding of the already published work on a particular topic. Critically analyze and evaluate each source and make a connection between them to come to a final point.


This section mainly describes how you have carried out your research and allows your readers to assess the validity. In this section, you should include:

  • The type of research and overall approach (quantitative, qualitative, and ethnographic)
  • Your data collection method (e.g. surveys, interviews, etc.)
  • Method of data analysis (e.g. discourse analysis or statistical analysis)
  • Materials and tools you used (e.g. lab equipment, a computer program)
  • A justification or evaluation of your methods


Remember! Your conclusion should be organized and cohesive. Your conclusion section should answer your main research question, and provide a clear understanding of your central argument. Still confused, get help from a paper writing service now at affordable rates.

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