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As a college student, you must know how to write good research papers, essays, reports, and proposals. Professors are often greedy in giving good grades for such assignments. The first step to writing any assignment is searching the internet for tips and tricks. If you genuinely believe that you will not be able to write one due to any problem, you can contact a paper writing service.

Why are research papers written?

As a college student, you write a research paper to show your analytical skills. You are provided with a topic that you must thoroughly explore on the internet and come up with a research question that needs to be answered. A research paper is based on factual information so you must cite all the evidence and examples that you provide. If you fail to manage your time properly, you can contact an online essay writer and tell them to “write my paper’, based on the information that you have provided. Send them a document explaining the instructor's guidelines and any other requirements.

Format to follow

The format for your research paper is very similar to other academic papers. Just analyze your research paper outline and elaborate on each point in detail. After making an attractive title page and writing a brief abstract, you need to write an introduction where you discuss the topic in detail, provide a little background and discuss relevant research.

To answer your research question, you need to discuss the method of data collection and list/tabulate your findings. Explain how the data is significant and link your research question with the obtained data.

Outline Writing Techniques

  1. 1) Prerequisites

    You have to select the best possible topic before you start your research. Your topic must be relevant and must have the required details present on the internet. If you are provided with a topic, you need to carry out preliminary research and make a rough draft that includes all the major data that you have found. Once you have done your research you are ready to start your outline

  2. 2) Outline format

    Even though your outline is a rough document, keeping it organized and properly formatted is a wise decision. Write your thesis statement (or research question) at the top so that you can easily relate it to each component of the paper.

    It is also recommended that you add an in-text citation for each of the claims you make so that you can visit the website when needed. The headings in your outline should be the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.

  3. 3) What to write in your introduction?
    • Significance of the topic
    • Background necessary to understand the research
    • Literature review
    • What Questions will your research answer?
  4. 4) What to write in methodology?
    • The qualitative or quantitative method adopted
    • Explain how you obtained all the data
    • For a qualitative paper, discuss the questions asked in interviews
    • For a quantitative paper, write down the numerical data obtained
  5. 5) What to write in Results/Discussion?
    • Represent your obtained data in this section
    • Use the help of graphs, figures, and charts
    • How is the obtained data significant?
    • Relate it to the research questions

A good essay writer knows about the outline structure and working with him could lessen your work.

Once your outline is ready, use it to write your final draft. Elaborate on each bullet point in detail and don't forget to cite your sources. If you believe that the provided time is too little, you can hire online essay help. Tell the writers to do your paper in the given time according to the provided instructions. Send them a detailed document explaining what they have to do.


Research papers are slightly more difficult than general essay writing. You need to prepare yourself by studying the topic in great detail before you begin. Prepare an outline first that can later be elaborated into your final paper draft. If you are still confused, hire essay writers to do your work for you.

In case of further help, contact a ‘write essay for me’ service and get your work done in no time.

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