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Being a student, you must have done a number of assignments by following a specific formatting style. These academic assignments basically prepare you for your final year project that usually involves writing a thesis. Practicing a specific formatting style in assignments can help you perfectly develop and organize your thesis.

The formatting style that is mostly used for research papers is MLA which provides you a consistent and uniform way to format your academic papers. The MLA format published by the Modern Language Association is known for allowing easy readability due to which it is used in almost all fields.

In April 2016, the Modern Language Association (MLA) replaced their previous handbook with the 8th edition which contains instructions regarding citations and page formatting. The guidelines mentioned in the 8th edition handbook adhere to the standards of MLA.

Understanding these instructions is not easy for everyone. Sometimes, you have to take help. It can be your instructor or any essay writing service. But if you are reluctant to reach out to your instructor or anyone else, just read the following guidelines that were written with the purpose to simplify formatting for you.

Page formatting

In MLA format, the margins on every page should be 1 inch. Before starting to write, leave 1-inch margins at the bottom, top, left, and right sides of the text. Start writing by mentioning your name, your instructor’s name, course number, and the date at the very left of the page.

Write your title in the center of the paper. Remember to keep your title as simple as possible; do not capitalize or underline the letters. After you have successfully written the title, now is the time for the actual discussion. Now leave indent the first line and start writing your first section that is the introduction paragraph.

Remember, you are required to use double-spacing throughout your research paper. Similarly, the left indent rule is applicable to the entire paper which means that the first line of every paragraph will be indented half an inch from the left margin. If you feel that without a sample work, it is impossible for you to follow these instructions, take help from a paper writing service that will assist you in writing a great research paper.


In MLA 8th edition, the rules for each level heading are different. The first level heading will be left indented and emboldened. Contrary to this rule, the second level heading is required to be typed in italics. On the other hand, the level three heading must be emboldened and center-aligned.

Don’t forget to use a clearly readable typeface for your entire paper. Among all the font styles, the most commonly used is Times New Roman. Remember, it is very important to pick a standard font size that adheres to the rules of MLA formatting. For your convenience, let me tell you that the most perfect font size is 12 since it is neither too small nor too big.

.Running head

In MLA format, the running head will consist of your last name and the page number. If an essay writer is using Microsoft Word, the running head will be added systematically on each page. Between your last name and page number, you are not required to add any symbol. Remember, your running head will occupy the top right corner of the page, 1 inch from the top.


A research study that uses quantitative methods is incomplete without tables. The way to label tables in MLA 8th edition is to type ‘table’ followed by a numerical figure and the title e.g., table 214 in healthcare statistics.

Work-cited page

An academic research paper written in MLA format is completely unacceptable if it does not contain a work-cited page. A work cited page contains the list of references for all the sources you have included in your paper. All the entries on the work cited page are mandatory to be written in alphabetical order. Besides this, the second line of each entry should be indented 0.5 inches from the left margin.

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