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If you are going to write a research paper then I must sympathize with you. It’s not easy and neither is it any fun.

You are stuck with a rather boring task, but it must be done. It is what it is.

However, I can offer some help so that you can get your research paper done as quickly as possible. Then you can move on with your life.

Most students get stuck on the limitations and alternatives section of a research paper. Why? Because they never consider it to be important and don’t really think about it.

If you are one of those people then I can help.

Here is what an essay writer needs to mention in the limitations and alternatives section.

Number 1: The Main Limitation

Your research will most definitely have some limitations. I am sure that it will have more than just one limitation.

Well, you need to decide exactly which limitation you will focus on. Even if you want to choose multiple limitations, one will have to be at the forefront of your paper.

Make sure that this limitation is the one that explains the shortcomings of your research.

No one expects your paper to cover every aspect of a problem but it is good to have a limitation as a backup.

Number 2: The Impact of the Limitation

Now, that you have selected which limitation to highlight, you will have to explain why that limitation is so important.

The impact of the limitation means how exactly the limitation has restricted your research.

This is where you mention those shortcomings that you have.

You will mention how Limitation A has led to Impact A.

You will also mention the minor limitations and their impacts as well. Just keep the focus on the main limitation and mention others in the end.

Number 3: Any Alternative that You Have Taken

Whenever you are conducting research or writing essays, you will have many options from which you will have to choose a single one.

This one option will be the way you conduct your research and the methods that you will use.

In the “alternatives” sections, you will mention the other approaches that you did not use in the research.

Mention both the pros and cons of these approaches and then clearly describe the reason for not choosing that method.

Also, you must tell why your own method is better than the others.

Number 4: Methods Used to Minimize the Limitations

Ok, so understand this. Just because you have limitations does not mean that you can blame all your problems on them.

In research, you need to take some steps to make sure that the impact of your limitation is lessened.

You can’t completely ignore a limitation. For example, you can blind interviewers to prevent bias.

Here, the bias factor is a problem or a limitation but since the interviewer is now blinded, the bias will be lessened a lot.

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