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Format of research essay

  1. Paper: It is good for you if you use MS Word for your essay it provides many formatting options and for printing use good quality clean paper with a size of 8 ½''*11''
  2. Margins: Your margins for an essay should be one inch from all four sides but there are some exceptions too.
  3. Title page: The title page is not mandatory for the research essay unless your teacher says so. Write the title of the essay, your name, and institution named on this page. If it is not required to start writing essays from the first page.
  4. Page Numbers: Make sure that before submission, each page has a visible number. The location of page number varies depending upon citation format.
  5. Spacing between lines: The ideal format for academic writing is double spacing. In certain cases, it can also be 1.5 spacing.
  6. Justify text: When you finalize your online essay writing use the option of text justification. It would distribute your text evenly between margins.
  7. Indentation: It means left one-inch space blank in the first line of each paragraph. Sometimes it is not necessary but if you are using a certain format then act accordingly.

Tips to write a good research essay

  1. Topic selection: First choose a topic on which an essay writer wants to write an essay. Make sure that the topic is unique and interesting otherwise it would not get due attention.
  2. Research for data: The second step is to find relevant data. It is a crucial step as you cannot write everything in your essay. You should narrow down your research to a specific topic usually known as a thesis statement.
  3. Thesis statement: It is an important part of your essay, as the writing piece would be incomplete without it. This statement would justify that you have studied extensively about the given topic.
  4. Introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay and the thesis statement would be part of this section. Try to summarize all ideas and concepts mentioned in the essay but do not write unnecessary details.
  5. Body: Usually an essay consists of three body paragraphs but its length can vary depending upon your essay. Make sure that each paragraph has an argument and evidence to support it. Also, include a counter-argument paragraph before the conclusion.
  6. Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of your essay in which you would reinstate your thesis statement by summarizing all previously mentioned concepts. Make sure that you do not repeat your exact words here. You have to be concise and precise so that your reader does not lose interest.

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