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A reflective essay is a consideration of a person’s opinions and emotions regarding a specific subject topic or event. It is considered to be a beneficial type of essay as it can lead to sharpening the critical thinking approach. Such essays seem too easy and too complex at the same time since these require a critical examination of personal experiences and presenting them in the right way. The main concern to highlight here is what is required to devise a well-structured and coherent reflective essay? To answer it appropriately, a guide to reflective essay writing is offered for a better understanding and also to provide an opportunity to improve the chances of success.

The first and foremost point of concern is what can be considered as a good topic to reflect upon. Afterward, it is important to determine the emotional link and to evaluate the feelings about the topic. The most advantageous fact of determining an emotional link is to create a creative and specific thesis statement. A well-devised thesis statement can help to transform the efforts around a focal point.

The other important element of a reflective essay is to commendably make a mind map. A mind map can help to identify the main ideas as well as arguments to support the reflection. The readers must be allowed to follow the evolution so that the experiences and thoughts of an essay writer are effectively conveyed. The main arguments highlighted can be thoroughly discussed in different paragraphs to further enhance the understanding of the reflection for the audience. Finally, it is required to follow a logical and effective sequencing of the paragraphs that can improve the flow of the essay.

For every reflection, it is important to prepare an eye-catching introductory paragraph. A strong paragraph at the beginning can help to attract the reader's attention. There is more likely that the level of engagement of the readers can be improved through an exceptional introduction. It is important to ensure that the specific and sole topic is discussed in the essay so that a blowout of ideas can be avoided.

It is important to support the ideas with proper examples and arguments within the body paragraphs. Also, it is essentially required that a reflective essay is written as a personal opinion supported and backed by arguments and theories.

The importance of summarizing and reflecting on the possible learning outcomes from the essay and arguments must be presented. A reflection on how one’s experiences can be beneficial for others to learn should be highlighted efficiently. In case I am seeking professional help, I would look forward to a writer who can write my essay with a detail-oriented approach. Allowing readers to think about the possible implications of the learning is an important aspect and therefore, the conclusion is required to put forward a rhetorical question. Also, it is possible that one can pitch an idea to think of a specific topic or experience that can improve a positive learning experience.

It is important to determine that reflections must be based on literature, which is further explained and applied to the experiences of students. The motive of reflections is to ensure that the audience and target people are attracted and engaged in an event or experience. To effectively reach the audience, the role of the event, and experience on the behavior of the individual is also required to be highlighted so that they are also able to learn. Based on the assessment it is found that identifying a specific and focused topic or event is the most important part of the reflective essay. Secondly, effective management of mind mapping can help to improve the overall structure and effective delivery of the essay. Moreover, it is found that an eye-catching introduction and supportive arguments are also considered to add to the effectiveness of a reflective essay.

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