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Debating is an important and somewhat tricky and hard task. The students often have to encounter this task during their academic education while other working people in professional fields frequently perform it during their practical jobs. It greatly enhances a person’s skills making him confident, intelligent, witty, and present-minded. Being a good debater is considered to be the most essential trait of an intelligent, professional, and successful person.

There are a bunch of traits that together make an expert debater. In this article, an essay writer will find fruitful and useful knowledge about who is an expert debater. After reading it carefully, you will know in the end how to become an expert debater or you can ask others to write my essay for me in no time.

Qualities of an Expert Debater

Planning & Preparedness

One of the chief traits of an expert debater is good planning and preparation for the debate. A good debater always first understands the topic, its essential requirements, knowledge of the opponent’s arguments and their reasonable answers, and strong counterarguments, etc. The expert debater will plan, write, and prepare his/her debate speech in an idealistic and undefeatable manner. For the purpose, enough practice will be required by the debater. If you still need any help, consult an essay writing service to do it for you.

Calm Behaviour and Confidence

Playing with the opponent’s weaknesses by judging his/her confused attitude is a common trick of the majority of the debaters. An expert debater will never lose his/her nerves by keeping calm with a smiling face. Through this, the expert debater will show gestures of great confidence that will put the opponent in trouble. Keeping calm and staying confident is an effective way of controlling the debate.

Identifying and Responding to Fallacies Effectively

Often the opponents use fallacies to put pressure on each other. An expert debater will always be active in judging and identifying as well as responding effectively to all types of fallacies used by the opponents. Though simple and common debate tips & tricks can help a debater in this regard, relying too much on them can trouble a debater. So, the expert debaters consider tips and tricks to improve but they rely mostly on major and key traits.

Focused, Timely Responsive, and Active

An expert debater never gets trapped by the tricks played by the opponent to detract him/her from the main objective. The expert debater always stays focused on the main agenda of the debate and never strays away from it. He/she remains fully active and responds well-in-time to every argument with a strong answer, resource, and counterargument. His/her active and spontaneous response traps the opponent and creates a positive and compelling impact on the jury as well as the audience.

Staying Simple, Formal, and Practical

An expert debater will never take help from exaggeration, imaginary, or vague statements to puzzle the opponent for paving the way to success. He/she will use simple and formal language and tone by keeping every single argument and response fully practical and realistic supported by authentic and well-researched resources and evidence.

Informative & Well-Reasoning

Another core trait of an expert debater is to be greatly informative for all the listeners and viewers. He/she will have already done ample research to find relatively important facts and information through which he/she will argue in the debate. With the help of strong, updated, authentic, and powerful evidence, he/she will prove to be well-reasoning throughout the debate.

Persuasiveness & Clarity

An expert debater will deliver his/her debate-speech with great clarity and appropriately loud voice to make it audible for everyone. He/she will never rely on a plain argument; rather the complete debate will be a persuasive one compelling everyone to believe the points raised and arguments answered by the debater.


Among the chief traits of an expert debater is his/her respectfulness. He/she will never go harsh or disrespectful towards the opponent. Mild and soft tone with a smiling face and respectful behavior makes a debater strong and expert in a debate-speech. Respectfulness always wins the heart of others and they quickly believe in the person with this important trait.

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