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In literature, the narrative is basically a way of telling a story where a writer uses various literary elements or devices to present an account of related events. If you are a literature student, you must have read several works in which you have observed narrative techniques e.g., novels, fables, short stories, folklores, etc. But the narrative is not only restricted to stories, songs, theatre and cinema also includes narrative techniques. Turning to an essay writer is an easy way of doing everything.

In case you have no idea about what a literary technique is, let me give you a run down to its definition. Literary techniques also regarded as literary devices are elements that combine together to create a compelling story. These elements include plot, style, structure, characters, point of view, setting, theme, voice, etc. When you are writing a narrative essay, you have to incorporate all these elements to deliver a convincing story.

1. Narrative techniques help readers to imagine.

The main purpose behind using literary techniques is to make the readers imagine what has been portrayed through words. Let’s take the example of setting, by writing descriptive lines about the setting of the story, the writer makes the reader imagine the place e.g. if a writer has used visual imagery like, pastoral, greenery, sheep then the readers can easily imagine that the story has taken place at a rural setting.

In the same manner, character descriptions help the reader to visually imagine the personality of the protagonist and antagonist. Every reader comes up with a different heroic image when they read the text to explore the story. For even easier work, work with an essay writing service and learn better,

2. The use of imagery appeals to the senses.

A narrative technique like imagery is used solely to appeal to the readers’ senses. There are four types of imagery that have different senses. These types include olfactory imagery, visual imagery, auditory imagery, and gustatory imagery. Visual imagery appeals to the sense of sight, olfactory appeals to the sense of smell, gustatory appeals to the sense of taste, auditory imagery calls to the sense of hearing.

By using visual imagery, writers create the mood and tone of the situation e.g., ‘the house was dark and gloomy”. In this example visual imagery is created by the use of words “dark” and “gloomy'' that are contributing to creating suspense and horror. When you choose to work with a professional ‘write my essay for me’ service, you get to learn how to use these kinds of imagery.

3. Use of flashbacks to provide backstory.

Flashback is another literary technique that you can use in your narrative essay to provide the background of the story. This technique is mainly used to incorporate the past into the present. When you are using this technique, you have to move back and forth to describe the events that happened in the past and how the past is related to the present.

Using the flashback technique is difficult because I have to change the tense form to write my paper along with the sentence structure. In addition to this, you are required to insert quotes or dialogues to represent the past. If you desire to include this technique in your essay, you can check a sample work written by a paper writing service provider.

4. Use of point of view to express emotions.

Another important narrative technique is the point of view, which is also regarded as perspective. Point of view is of three types, which include, first-person narration, third-person perspective, and second-person point of view. The selection of point of view depends on if the writer wants to express his own emotions or his characters’ emotions. Narrative essays are usually written in a personal voice where you express your own emotions in order to connect to the audience.

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