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When writing an academic essay, the focus of the students is on the topic, research, content format, and grammar. Yet they often forget the punctuation, which turns out to be their biggest mistake. It is because of the lack of punctuation or the use of incorrect punctuation. Thus, the punctuation is necessary for a well-composed academic essay.

For your convenience, this guide includes all the details on how an essay writer should use different punctuation in order to improve the flow of the essay. Or you can always ask others to write essay for me at affordable rates.

Full Stop

You can use it to indicate the ending of a sentence and to give the reader a mental break. There is no student who wouldn't know to place a full stop to place at the sentence end. But what most students do not know is that there are some exceptions to placing a full stop as well. You should not place a full stop at the end of headings, subheadings, bullet points, and titles.

Here’s a trick to see if your sentence would be broken and ended with a full stop. Read your essay aloud, and if you seem to be running out of breath, then manage the sentence accordingly. In addition, the full stops are also utilized in abbreviations like i.e. and more.


The comma is important punctuation and tricky too. It is because many students misuse and overuse it. Normally, there are one or two commas in a sentence. When you think your sentence needs three commas, you should consider breaking the sentence. There are different purposes of a comma. You can use it to separate the items of a list, to highlight the transition words and phrases, and also to separate two independent clauses. If you find proofreading punctuation difficult, you can take help from a ‘write my paper’ service. You should avoid grammar splicing where the complete sentences are yet separated by the use of a comma.

The Colon

When writing an academic essay, incorporate the colon to demonstrate the start of a list or in order to denote elaboration.

The Semicolon

In an essay, there can be three uses of the semicolon. Firstly, it can be used to join two independent clauses. Secondly, you can use two independent clauses with an adverb. Lastly, it is used to separate the items of a list that contains commas already.


The use of the apostrophe is crucial in the essay and there are two main purposes of using it. It is used either to show possession or when using contractions. When writing an academic essay, you should not use contractions. But in order to demonstrate possession, you can use it in the essay.


Hyphen has many uses but it seems informal when composing an academic essay, so only when using the compound nouns in the essay, you should use the hyphens.

Quotation Marks

In an essay, when the quotation from the original source, make sure to provide essay help in using the quotation marks. This will save your essay from plagiarism. In addition to this, use the quotation marks to emphasize some specific texts but do not overuse it.


In an essay, you are required to include citations from the sources you use. For in-text citations like Mark(1978), you are required to place the year in the brackets or when citing at the end of the sentence you must write (Mark, 1978). The format of the citation depends on the formatting style you choose, but brackets are used in them all, whether it is a graduate paper or school level essay. Moreover, when you use the abbreviations, you should also use the brackets. When using for the first time, use the full term with the acronym or abbreviation in the bracket like the New York Police Department (NYPD) and then use NYPD onwards in the essay.

Now you know how to use punctuation, so next time when you write an essay, proofread your essay for these mistakes too. Or you can just pay for essay to get it done now.

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