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Rewriting is the process that starts as you complete your first draft. But before rewriting, one must reread the work. There are many purposes for rereading. One of them is to check that;

  1. Is the paper well organized?
  2. Are transition between paragraphs are flat, fine, and clear
  3. Does your evidence properly back up the main argument?

But you what is the main purpose behind rereading? The main purpose is to know where an essay writer needs to edit or rewrite. Once you reread your work, you will know what to rewrite and how to rewrite it.

On the other hand, proofreading is the final stage of the rewriting and editing process. The main focus is on surface issues/errors. Errors like grammar mistakes and misspellings as well as punctuation issues. Make sure you proofread once you are done with editing and rewriting.

You know why you need to reread, rewrite, edit, and proofread! If yes then let’s learn how to do it.

Proofreading and Rewriting Techniques

  1. 1. Review writing components

    Always check or review each rewriting component. Do it before you begin the process of proofreading and rewriting. It might involve the approach of making a list of things you want to check over. For example, the overall formatting of the work, review of text/content, and amount of supporting materials.

  2. 2. Break up long sentences

    Rewriting is not an approach to replace words with synonyms. But make sure you eliminate errors and bring improvement in your work. Some students hire a write my essay service to improve and polish their essays. You can do the same if you find difficulty bringing improvement in your work. But if you are doing yourself, then;

    • Break up every sentence that looks longer to you.
    • Omit additional words
    • Shorten your message (but keep it complete).
  3. 3. Ensure good use of verbs

    It is possible that you may not use strong verbs when writing essays. But it can be done in the processes called proofreading and rewriting. Because we have written the work and now, our focus is on improving the work in proofreading and rewriting.

    Make sure you use strong verbs. If not then change your verbs to strong ones. Do it because strong verbs encourage a reader to keep reading. Additionally, remove every adjective and adverbs that looks superfluous.

  4. 4. Look for purpose of statements

    You always have a thesis to defend and argue for and against it to prove it when online essay writing. And every sentence of your essay has a role in proving that thesis statement. Hence, one of the best ways to proofread and rewrite your work with perfection is to look for what each sentence serves for? Find out what purpose does a sentence serve when proofreading your work.

    An example can be; do conclusion sentences restate your thesis and summarize the paper efficiently. As well as, does your conclusion comes up with a strong end to leave an impression.

  5. 5. Use computer and get help as needed

    Do not think that one can do everything alone. Always consider using your computer and Microsoft office to spot out grammar and spelling errors. But do not rely a lot on it. Once you proofread your work and made changes (rewriting), then have someone else check out your work. This will help you identify issues that you had not.

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