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Compare and Contrast Essays are very different from other essay types. These essays are written to analyze the similarities and differences between two different things or objects. Exceptional compare and contrast essays do not just point out how a subject is different from the other one or how it is similar to that one.

Professionals say that compare and contrast essays are similar (somehow) to argumentative essays. It is because a compare and contrast essay does not only compare subjects but uses comparing points to develop an arguable argument or claims over them. Now, let’s get guidance about how to write this kind of essay:

Step 1 – Select the main subject

Keep in mind that your subjects should be different all the time. But they would still be in a similar inexact/ballpark. This is the point that actually leads you to have your essay. For instance, choose two different politicians if you write about political figures. Never think that you compare a political leader with a film star. Some examples are;

  • Salieri and Mozart
  • Vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • Introverts and Extroverts
  • Centralized leadership and decentralized leadership

Step 2 - Brainstorm resemblance and disparities

The finest approach for comparing and contrasting a subject is to create lists. Lists should be about similarities and differences between subjects. Make one for similarities and another for differences. It is the best way because it makes comparisons and contrasts much easier.

Step 3 – Sharpen in on the key point/argument

Good quality essays go beyond the simple list of similarities and variances about the subject. But you must make your essay in a way that makes a strong statement about the main topic. To do this, look at your lists and pick what you see important. Also, focus on what your lists find about your essay topic.

Step 4 – Design the Outline

Crafting the outline that fits your essay’s structure. In a general context, an essay includes 3 parts that are; 1) Introduction, 2) Body, and 3) Conclusion. But the case becomes a difference when it comes to comparing and contrasting essays.

You can get assistance from an essay writing service; if needed. This will help you to overcome the level of stress and deadline management in preparation for an essay outline i.e. the first and the most important step in essay writing.

Step 5 – Filling supportive evidence

Never forget to support or back up your key statement with relevant evidence from readings, researches, and personal experiences you have gained. Always make sure to explain the significance of the information you use to fill the evidence.

Step 6 – Use traditional words

Professional writers use traditional words that give a pleasant flow to the essay. They give flow from one statement to another. The ideal words to use when writing comparisons are but not only likewise, both, and similarly, etc. instead of “on the other side” or “nonetheless” etc.

Step 7 – Proofread and Revise

Gaps for improvement are everywhere. One must admit that a masterful piece of work cannot be created in one click. You must check and modify it as needed. Always proofread your essay for errors. Make sure every error has been eliminated.

You may face issues while reading your own written essay objectively. At times, we are even unable to point out the errors that we made within our essays. So, it's always better to take a second opinion from your colleague, parents,, or a professional essay writer who knows more about the subject matter.

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