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Writing essays is one of the most significant parts of a student’s life. As the students get into the college they get to write a variety of essay types. Some are easy to write, some are difficult yet exciting while others are boring. Many students find it difficult to write each type of essay and end up using a paper writing service. Writing a cause and effect essay, however, can be made easier to write following the instructions given in this article. Follow these guidelines or get help from an essay writing service to hire a professional.


A cause and effect essay is the one in which the various causes and the effects of a topic are discussed elaborately. The essay illustrates why certain situations occur and what are the consequences and aftermaths of those situations.


Depending upon the hierarchy upon which the causes and effects are narrated in relation to each other, there are two basic structures of a cause and effect essay.

1. Block structure

2. Chain structure

Block structure

In a block structure, all causes are listed first collectively. Once all the selected causes have been listed, then the effects are presented.

Chain structure

This type of structure is a cause and effect essay. Causes and effects are presented simultaneously. Each cause is followed by its relevant effect.

Regarding which structure should be selected, the writer must follow the guidelines given by the instructor. If no specific structure is mentioned then generally block structure is used for shorter essays whereas chain one is used for comparatively longer ones.


A cause and effect essay like all other essays is composed of the following main parts:

  1. 1. Introduction

    The introduction is the first impression of the writer on the reader. Start with an interesting and attention-grabbing statement or a hook. Make sure to add necessary background information about your topic. Give an insight to your readers about what they should expect to read in the coming paragraphs.

    Most importantly, add a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. This will present your main argument about the topic. For example, add the basic cause and effect of the topic you are going to discuss. You must stick to your thesis statement throughout the essay so plan and write it accordingly.

  2. 2. Body paragraphs

    Depending upon the structure you are following, present the causes and effects of your topic in each paragraph throughout the body of your essay along with the evidence and explanation for each.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    Reiterate your thesis statement at the beginning of the concluding paragraph, present a summary of your main points. Add your thoughts and end with a general statement about your essay. Do not present any new information in the conclusion.

Steps to writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Follow these steps for writing a cause and effect essay else hire a professional essay writer for help.

  1. 1. Select a thrilling topic

    Before starting the task, make a list of topics in which a cause and effect essay can be written. Select among these topics, one that is most exciting, thrilling and you can write easily about.

  2. 2. Brainstorm and research

    Once the topic has been selected, brainstorm several ideas related to the topic. For instance, think of a situation related to the topic and its consequences. Do extensive research on various causes and effects of the situation and gather authentic and reliable sources and pieces of evidence.

  3. 3. Form a thesis

    Once you have found and listed several points, form a thesis statement based on your strongest finding or cause-effect pair.

  4. 4. Make an outline

    Make an outline of your essay which should constitute all the components listed above and the main points that would be included in each of them.

  5. 5. Form a draft

    After outlining bullet format, add sentences to each point along with the evidence and explanation to form a draft.

    After this, write your essay, format and proofread and edit it. This guide will help you write better essays. You can also get help from ‘write my essay for me’ kind of services for expert essay writing services.

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