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“Please have your essay ready and on my desk by 12 pm tomorrow.” We get so accustomed to hearing that sentence from the teacher that sometimes it feels that we are stuck in a time loop created by Dr. Strange. How am I going to produce something new in my next essay? That is the question that haunts the students. But keep in mind, an expert essay writer have the answer to it all so here are some tips for you.

Tips and Tricks

  • Have a clear base in mind regarding what you are going to write about. Topics may not be provided but be sure to be on the right track while beginning writing.
  • Know what type of essay is required. Every essay whether rhetorical analysis, critical analysis, or literary analysis have some predefined models regarding how to perfectly mold it.
  • So, what drives an essay? There should be a certain foundation behind it. Essay writing is almost always paired with a clear thesis statement which becomes a driving force for your entire work. Don’t be hasty when developing a proper thesis statement because that single sentence could be your lifeline as it explains the crux of your whole work to the reader. It may be the difference between “that’s boring” and “ow wow! This dude knows how to innovate”.
  • The most essential thing is the 5 paragraph rule. Not always mandatory but makes writing much easier. 1 introduction para with a thesis statement. 3 body paragraphs explaining the thesis claims of the thesis statement. 1 paragraph as the conclusion restating the thesis statement within it.
  • There are certain details that just can’t be avoided during the process of writing a proper essay. You might ask that amongst so many rules, when would I begin to write my essay? The answer is now as you have a clear idea of what are some requirements which should be on the back of your mind.
  • Take the topic and perform some research if it requires it because many times essays are based on your own thoughts such as narrative essays. Find some trustworthy sources and let the studying begin.
  • Outline your ideas as it makes the final writing so much easier. You have a clear idea of how to approach each para and even sentence so consider developing a strong outline. The outline should be carefully considered and properly proofread.
  • Now go ahead following your created outline to properly develop a final draft of your essay. This is when the real magic happens as you wave your wand A.K.A your fingers on the keyboard. While writing, make sure that everything makes sense and is perfectly relevant to the topic, otherwise just press backspace a few times.
  • Do not forget to proofread once you are done as it always helps to structure the sentences properly. Anything that you might feel is out of place, modify it.
  • Finally, take good care of what tenses you use as these need to be properly taken care of while establishing the draft. Some exceptions could change the tense being used but make sure that a single tense is mostly used within the essay. If you are recollecting the past or informing about the future, use past and future tense respectively.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to write a well-thought and professional essay. Also, you don’t need to wear a bat suit and go out at night to find the perfect potion that would help in writing essays. Just remembering a few rules and implementing them is the key. Preparation is as important as the final implementation so don’t just go in typing fiercely when you have no clue what you are about to do. Take some time, breathe, research, write, proofread, modify, proofread, and repeat. Good luck!

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