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Do you have to write a press release but have absolutely no clue how to write one? That’s ok. Not many people do. Writing press releases is a rather unique job so not many people are familiar with its know-how.

But that doesn’t mean that people like you can’t learn.

In fact, writing a press release is not that hard. Especially, if you have someone like me to help you. I am going to give a standard press release format that will prove to be lifesaving. Don’t believe me? Well, watch out because I am about to show you a template for any standard press release. An essay writer just simply has to follow it to make a perfect and well-planned press release.

  1. Necessary Details
    1. Contact Information: This information will be displayed at the top left corner of your press release. It includes the name of the organization, its telephone number(s), and email.
    2. Release Date: This comes below the contact information and cites the exact date of the press release.
    3. “For Immediate Release”: This title is usually used as the main heading. It comes at the center of the page, after the release date.
  2. Headings
    1. Main Heading The main heading is written in bold and uppercase letters. It is always center aligned. It is usually titled “For Immediate Release” but can be different.
    2. Subheading: A subheading is not compulsory in a press release but can be used. It's mostly used when the main heading is “For Immediate Release”. It is also center-aligned.
  3. Main Body
    1. Body Paragraph 1: The first paragraph of the press release. This comes after the subheading if it exists. Otherwise, it comes after the main heading.
      1. Location: The first words of the first body paragraph define the location of the press release.
      2. Main Information: The main topic of the press release is addressed. This paragraph talks about the information that is being shared by the press release.
    2. Body Paragraph 2: This is the second paragraph of the press release.
      1. Background: This paragraph gives background information about the main event. It tells about the context of the press release.
      2. Sources: In this paragraph, you can cite quotes from various sources that solidify your press release
    3. Body Paragraph 3: The third paragraph of your press release.
      1. Background: This follows a similar pattern to the second body paragraph.
      2. Sources: Again, you can use different sources here. You can also have more than 3 body paragraphs.
  4. Ending
    1. Boilerplate: A boilerplate is a statement that gives information about a company or organization. It is not very long and is always at the very end of a press release.
    2. Call to Action: This is a statement that asks the reader to take action. For example, for a product release, this statement will ask the readers to buy the product.
    3. “###”: This will be the very last line of your press release. This indicates that the statement has ended. The “###” is always center aligned.

Well, this is it. That is how you can write your very own press release.

Just follow this template and you will be able to come up with a press release of your own in no time at all.

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