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Do you want to write an exceptional college essay application to show your abilities to the admission officers? If yes, then you must be looking around for the best and most popular prompts for college application essays. Every essay writer aims to write the best application essay that can distinguish them from the rest of the students.

I am pretty sure like every student you also want to write one of the best essays that would make you stand out amongst other students. You don’t have to worry about it because I will share a few college application essay prompts to help you write a mind-blowing essay. Choosing an appropriate prompt is necessary to leave a good impression on admission officers to get into the college. Try to select the most interesting prompt in which you can show your abilities beyond your grades and test scores.

Popular Prompts For College Application Essays

  1. Every student has a unique identity, background, and talent that makes each one of them stand out amongst other students. They feel like they ought to mention those in their applications otherwise the application would be incomplete without them. Please share your story as well.
  2. We often face obstacles in life but learn lessons due to them. Remind a time when you were encountered with a challenge, failure. In what ways it left an impact on your personality and life and what did you learn from that experience? Please share
  3. Share your experience if you have ever challenged your beliefs. What made you question your belief and what was the outcome?
  4. Share the scenario when you have solved a problem. It can be related to anything like a political issue, social problem, or any other challenge in your life. Explain in detail the significance of the problem and its solution and the steps could be taken to solve the issue.
  5. Why do you want to attend this school?
  6. Share any idea or a topic with us of your choice that you find interesting that made you lose the track of time. Why does it attract you?
  7. Discuss an event, an accomplishment, or a realization that helped you grow in life and introduced to you a new understanding of life, you, and others.
  8. Write an essay on any topic that you like.
  9. Describe a personality that you adore. Why do you admire that person? Do you want to become like them?
  10. Write about the book that you love?

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