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There are different methods and techniques to write an essay. It is solely on your discretion which one you follow. An essay writer would prefer a model that covers your topic effectively with every possible aspect or dimension. You know that there are two sides of a single coin in reality but in literature, it could be more than two.

These principles are important otherwise you would end up writing an incorrect essay and revising your assignment. A persuasive essay means that you have to convince your reader to follow your point of view. It is slightly different from an argumentative essay because in this type you only convey one aspect of the issue. Being persuasive means convincing your reader to agree with you on a certain point whether it is about the economy, social issue, politics, or the environment.

Just make one point clear that your ideas should be backed by facts and figures otherwise it would look like an opinion article. For your guidance, I am writing down some persuasive essay examples by reading which you would have a basic idea about how to get started with your persuasive essay or you can ask others to write essay for me .

Why should you quit smoking?

Along with other drugs, smoking has become a necessary evil in modern society and it is freely available to all youngsters all across America. Unfortunately, there was a time when doctors used to prescribe it for patients to relieve stress. Due to a lack of proper research, the trend continued for decades by the time the researchers realized its demerits; it was too late. People opted for it as a fashion and a symbol of the high-class were smoking cigars were not even normal but showed wealth and status. Many authentic types of research indicate that smoking leads to health complications leading to lung cancer. The irony is no one seems to accept its negative effects and are regular consumers of this hazardous product.

How to become a successful person?

Many people around the world want to become successful but the issue is they do not know how to pursue their dreams. Having a dream is one thing while fulfilling it another; a dream is just a dream unless you strive for it and convert it into reality. There are many examples of successful people from around the world and today almost every major country has more than one billionaire. It shows that becoming rich is difficult but not impossible. First, you should come up with a unique idea, an idea that can change or revolutionize the existing system. It can be an institution, industry or any field just try to give something new to the world. It means you have to think uniquely, you have to go to a path which no one is opting only then you would be able to do something extraordinary.

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The Materialistic World

The 21st century has witnessed immense growth in terms of technology, infrastructure, and space exploration. Today humanity has put a manmade object on another planet, which shows how much they are capable of. The invention of fire and the industrial revolution is thousands of years apart but both events are important in the world's history. Many major countries have made immense economic progress to a great extent. The level of material progress is unprecedented in human history, for instance in the year 2012, China used enough cement for construction that the US did not use during the entire 20th century. We have also built the world's tallest skyscrapers in the Middle East, but there is a dark side to this immense progress. People have become more materialistic and want more and more.

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