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An annotated bibliography is the paragraph following any citation including books, articles, etc. which give a brief description and evaluation of the citation. The goal to be achieved while writing the annotated bibliography is to inform readers about the summaries of the sources used and to show the accuracy and relevance of it with the author’s work.

The students must be capable enough to collect relevant sources and validate the authenticity of the sources they use while writing their essay without any help taken from some sort of 'write my essay' services. Certain points that should be considered while creating an annotated bibliography will be presented here.

Creation of an annotated bibliography

The first and foremost step in the process of the creation of an annotated bibliography is to search and list down various sources containing material relevant to the topic. A list of all these sources should be maintained for the ease of the author.

After the listing down of the sources, check for the authenticity, credibility, authority, appropriateness, and higher relevance of the work cited with the topic.

Once a precise and concise list of references has been created, the next task is to write the annotated bibliography of each source.

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An annotated bibliography should be the summary of all the important aspects of the source used. The references should be evaluated, analyzed, and then described by the author as an original work. An annotated bibliography must include the following relevant details of the citation:

  • The main idea or purpose of the source
  • Brief description and the scope of the source
  • What is the question or topic being researched in the cited work?
  • Methodology used
  • What are the findings, implications, and future recommendations?
  • How relevant is the work cited to the author’s original work?

Points to be considered while making an Annotated Bibliography

While writing an annotated bibliography some important points should be kept in mind by the author. Firstly the sources explained in the annotated bibliography should be relevant to the topic, should contain valuable information and all the works annotated should provide a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Secondly, the sources should be authentic and credible and should be cited using an appropriate citation style like APA MLA or Chicago, etc.

The final step is to annotate the work cited. The citation should be followed by a paragraph of a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 150 words consisting of the summary of the source and containing all the information required. These necessary contents of an annotated bibliography have been listed above. If you are still confused, hire an essay writing service now in no time.

Tips for writing an annotated bibliography

  • The annotation should be concise and clear.
  • It should be able to convey to the readers the main idea and working of the source.
  • The annotation should first describe and then evaluate the source.
  • The point of the relevance of the work cited to the topic should be clearly mentioned in the last sentence of the annotation.
  • The annotation should not be like an abstract. The abstract only describes and summarizes the work whereas the annotation both describes and critically analyzes the work.

To be able to write an effective and wholesome annotated bibliography, the writer should be able to provide a crisp description, to the point scrutiny and analysis of a variety of the sources relevant to the topic shortlisted after well-informed and extensive library research. A free essay writer service can help a student write an essay however the student must then be able to scrutinize the resources used and write about them using the guidelines provided above.

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