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You may have learned many techniques about writing an essay in high school or college. The process of learning may seem easy but applying all those principles takes a lot of time and a full grip over a subject matter. An essay writer needs to follow a different set of rules while writing an essay because there are multiple types. You cannot apply the same rules for every essay as it requires different structures of arguments and format to follow.

If you are writing a persuasive essay make sure you go through all rules for once only then you would be able to write a good essay. You have to pick a position on a topic and support it with evidence in your essay. If you want to oppose then you should have thorough knowledge about that topic because you have to give compelling arguments to defend your position.

Just make sure that your topic is polemical only then you would have a convincing argument. For example, if you are choosing a topic like “humans need lungs to breath” you would not be able to argue against this topic. Your topic should be carefully crafted like "democracy is failing around the world and we need a new political system." In this topic, you would be able to argue against or in favor to convince your reader.

I am writing down some important persuasive techniques by following these you can write a very good essay:

Take your position

You have to persuade your reader about a certain topic, choose a position against or in favor. You should read extensively only then you would be able to collect solid arguments.

  • For example: If you are writing an essay on climate change and think it is a natural planetary, not a man-made phenomenon then find some solid research to back it up.

Extensive research

You should read and research extensively and explore other possible options for your topic. Explore your topic from multiple perspectives. It would help you to refine your arguments.

  • For example: Collect data from various sources like books, scholarly articles, and magazine articles. In the end, narrow down your research to a single point as you cannot write all of it in your essay.

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Collect evidence

During your research work collect as many as evidence possible. These can be in the form of facts, quotes, or diagrams. Just remember that in your essay you are convincing your reader so do whatever to have to do to convince him.

Write an outline

It would help you to draft your essay and it should look like this:

  • Introduction
    • It is the first paragraph of an essay, generally discuss a topic with background knowledge and end it on the thesis statement.
  • Supporting paragraph
    • Include evidence in support of your thesis.
  • Supporting paragraph
    • Include more evidence and arguments.
  • Antithesis paragraph
    • Explain a situation opposite to your thesis statement and tell why you want to stick with your statement.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize your all previous arguments with concluding thoughts and tell your reader why your position is important that is why they should follow you.

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Write your thesis statement

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Connect with your audience

It is the core of persuasive writing where you should feel attached to your audience. It would help you to think about what they are thinking about your topic and arguments.

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