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Persuasive writing is done when the essay writer wants to emphasize on some ideas that are valid or they feel strongly about. For that, you must have a strong justification that can support your ideas or arguments.

So after going through all these following techniques, you will be able to get comprehensive information on the various techniques and styles used to persuade an audience. Not all of these techniques are allowed to be used in academic essays. However, going through these techniques will help you understand the rhetoric used in various writings to create persuasion. If you want to see these techniques used in professional write-ups, you can always contact a professional writing service to provide you with free essay samples to give you a good idea. The purpose can be different for each persuasive write-up, it can be written to influence someone's ideas or to persuade someone about a particular good or service.

Why Persuasive Techniques?

  • Basically writing a persuasive essay can help a student to express their passion as they get the opportunity to opt for their topics of interest.
  • Finally, it will help students to formulate analytical arguments, opinions, and ideas that will be useful in the future.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

  • Attacks
  • They are usually made against the opponent party. For example, anyone who does racial profiling towards others is unethical.

  • Cliches
  • They are phrases that are commonly used in society. For example, ‘as brave as a lion’ is used for a brave person.

  • Slang language
  • It’s an informal tone of language. Such languages are used in the normal routine and are understandable for everyone. For example, ‘ain’t’ for aren’t and ‘gonna’ for going to.

  • Emotional tone
  • These are the formations that depict the emotional impact or reactions. For example, poverty will not be minimized unless we have to do something about the problem.

  • Exclusive terms
  • Use of ‘them’, ‘they’, ‘theirs’, ‘those’ are encouraged. For example, the whole mess was because of them since they started the discussion.

  • Inclusive terms
  • Use of ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘ours’, ‘you’ are encouraged. For example, now it’s the moment to show our kindness and treat everyone humbly.

  • Evidence
  • Evidence can be anecdotal (related to personal experiences), expert suggestion (supported by a professional), and statistical (use of bars, diagrams)

  • Formal tone
  • Use of sophisticated tone, without the use of personal emotions. For example, the person I met that day was interested in my project.

  • Emphasis
  • There are three types of emphasis. Repetition (repeating a single word or term), cumulation (using various alike words in one sentence), and alliteration (repetition of the first tone in consecutive words)

  • Rhetorical language
  • Use of questions to make an argument. For example, do we really want our children to grow up in poverty?

  • Fabricating tone
  • Use of extreme exaggeration to make an emphasis or sometimes humor. For example, I have asked you a million times to clean your office.

  • Generalizations
  • These are related to stereotypes. These are derived from particular cases.

  • ‘What if’ statements
  • What if the person he used to be is not anymore.

  • Logical reasoning
  • The use of logical arguments to support your claims. For example, if we are unable to distribute wealth fairly, then we will never be able to minimize poverty.

  • Metaphors or Similes
  • Metaphors are connecting your context with something not possible academically. For example, Sarah is a shining star. Whereas, similes are somethings that are connected with another thing to make an emphasis more understandable. For example, Sarah and Johnson fight like cats and dogs.

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