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Plagiarism is one of the grave issues in academic careers. Having a look at the academic policies and penalties, it is easily concluded that it is better to fail an exam or even a semester rather than submitting a plagiarized paper. Guess what? if you are thinking the same, then you have to change your thoughts. It’s been three years that I have never thought of plagiarism because once I had to write an essay and my instructor was interested in doing a student witch hunt. I was so fearful of writing essays that I searched for different techniques and topics that can help me with plagiarism and it really worked.

In the first place, I should discuss the easiest options available. It might be amazing to hear but it is true that you can get an essay writer online, who can help you in writing a plagiarism-free essay. It is the most used technique, yet the most facilitating one.

If you don’t like the first option, no worries, there are many other options that you can choose. You can write a plagiarism-free essay by flowing two simple tricks, i.e. paraphrasing and summarizing. It would not be wrong to say that these are knowledgeable and supporting tricks as they can help you increase your knowledge of the subject as well as these techniques build your confidence in writing. These two techniques are most preferred because summarizing and paraphrasing not only help you to enhance your reading skills. Rather, they also help you develop critical insights under which you learn to ignore the irrelevant information and quote the relevant facts and figures.

For paraphrasing, you just need to read a sentence or three. If it is a long sentence, a single one is enough but if it is a short sentence you can take three sentences. Now, you have to paraphrase these sentences. Paraphrasing means, expressing the ideas or points of someone else in your own words. “Own Words” never means to add a first-person pronoun. You just have to change the choice of words or come up with other sentences that can convey the same meaning. It is more like an online essay writing job without changing the underlying context of the sentence. One such example is, Alice was sad to death on hearing the news of her father’s death. You can rephrase it as Alice was saddened to hear about her father’s demise. So, the meaning is the same but the choice of words is different.

Another important trick that can help you avoid plagiarism is, “summarizing”. It is more tedious as compared to paraphrasing but it is more knowledgeable. Summarizing means skimming the content. For this, you have to read the content paragraph by paragraph and you have to summarize each one. There are some major characteristics of summarizing, such as, it is important to mention all the dates and include all the facts and figures that are important to add to the weightage. Then, add one single quote as well so that cohesion can be created within the summary. It will help you come up with your content that will not only communicate the central ideas but it will be a plagiarism free narrative account that can help you get good grades. If you are confused ask a write my paper service to get it done for you.

Both techniques are widely used and they can help you have a better understanding of the text. Also, it will help you believe that this work is done by you and you own all the rights of this work which will be one of the best success guarantees.

Lastly, you can also ask an online service to write a perfect essay for you. Such a write my essay service not only ensures quality but they help you with revisions as well.

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