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There are various types of essays and a critical essay is of them. The purpose of this essay is to critically evaluate a book, movie, painting, scholarly article, or any other piece of literature. The critical evaluation helps the reader to understand the topic from different aspects. Your critical analysis should not be objective rather it should be subjective where an essay writer would express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. A good critical analysis means critical writing and critical reading, it would help you to write a good outline and essay.

There are two types of outlines, sentences, and topic outlines or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Sentence outline

Thesis statement: The monitoring of emails and web-browsing history is a clear violation of privacy in the workplace.

  • Sixty percent of companies monitor employee presence on the internet.
    • It increases employees' productivity as they are less tended to use it for entertainment.
    • It prevents illegal use of the internet by hackers as a company would know from where the infiltration happened.
    • Employees feel safe as they have a full record of their search engine history.
  • Does modern law protect employee's privacy rights when a company monitors them in the workplace?
    • In America, there are no such rights that protect employees from snooping bosses.
    • An employee can only exert control of his personal affairs but federal or state law does not provide him protection in the workplace.
  • Employers believe that they pay employees to work so they should not have any privacy rights at the workplace.
    • To some extent, employers have the right to prevent employees from misusing the company's resources.

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Topic outline

Thesis statement: The income and wealth inequality is at the peak after COVID-19, was Karl Marx right about his theory of socialism.

  • Different political theories
    • Tools to understand governments
      • Comparison
      • Categorization
  • Political theories
    • New-Marxism
      • Definition
      • Description
    • Pluralism
      • Definition
      • Explanation
    • Elitism
      • Definition
      • Description
  • Comparative analysis of American government
    • Pluralism
      • Weaknesses/Strengths
      • Analysis
    • Elitism
      • Weaknesses/Strengths
      • Analysis
    • Neo-Marxism
      • Critique
      • Analysis
  • Conclusion

Sample outline

  • Introduction
    • Tell your reader about your analyzed work in general but it should not be too specific.
    • List your ideas which you would cover in your essay or body paragraphs.
    • End your introduction on a specific point and mention what would be your view about the topic and how you would cover it.
    • It would help you to write a thesis statement that you would explain in your essay.
  • Body paragraph one
    • You should start your paragraph with a topic sentence. It would help the reader to determine what the respective paragraph is about.
    • Your topic sentence should be linked with the thesis statement as you have to justify it in every paragraph.
    • Start writing your main claims about the topic with examples, statistics, and diagrams.
    • Remember that you have to justify your position so do not forget to add a summary and supporting evidence of arguments.
  • Body paragraph two
    • The sequence for the second paragraph would remain the same.
    • Add more arguments with compelling evidence and convince your reader why your position is important to follow.
  • Counter arguments
    • Before you start writing your conclusion make sure you add a paragraph with all the counter-arguments.
    • Do not change your position about the topic and remain stick with your thesis statement and all the arguments that you have presented before.
    • This paragraph would add authenticity and credibility to the information which you have presented before.
    • It would help your reader to think critically about the topic.
  • Conclusion
    • It would be your last point in a critical essay outline where you would reinstate the thesis statement.
    • Discuss your arguments concisely and do not write anything new.

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