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Exploration, interpretation of meaning, and close study of a text referred to the literary analysis. Novels, short stories, poems, and all forms of literary writings are written on the principle of literary analysis. A literary analysis essay is a type of essay which includes the analysis of perspective, language, and different structure of the text. It explains the way different writers use literary devices to convey ideas and to create effects. It does not depend upon the summary and book review nor is it a rhetorical analysis. It is a sort of argumentative essay.

Many students want to do essay writing online, before starting it they need to know the structure of the outline of the literary analysis essay. The steps included in outlining the literary analysis essay are as follows or you can ask an essay writing service to complete it for you.

Reading and Identification of literary Devices

The first step is to take initial notes by carefully reading the text. Attention to the reading can dig up the analysis of the most surprising, intriguing, and confusing text. The literary analysis essay does not include a simple explanation of the events which have been described in the text. Rather it includes the deep analysis of the events and exploration of the literary devices. Writers use literary devices in order to deliver the meaning of the text.

Before writing up the text it has to be decided what style of writing should be used. The essay writer decides whether he will use simple or complex sentences, they would be long or short, etc. The tone of the literary analysis essay plays a significant role. It should be kept consistent from the first sentence to the last sentence of the essay.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of a literary analysis essay is the point of deciding what you would do with the text. The proper direction of the essay is provided by the core argument of a thesis statement. It prevents the essay from the compilation of the casual observations of the text. The thesis statement does not answer any question rather it is a statement that consists of the claim and its reason. The thesis statement should not be a matter of simple fact instead it should be something arguable from the text.

Textual Evidence

Textual evidence is used in the literary analysis essay to support the thesis statements. Writers use the textual evidence to support their ideas and arguments which they have included in the thesis statement. It is a useful trick to find out the textual evidence before writing up an essay.


The introduction of the literary analysis essay should consist of a summary of the structure of the essay and the thesis statement. It usually starts with a different statement about the author and text and ends with the thesis statement. It can also include the background of the topic.

Body of Essay

Arguments and textual evidence are included in the body of the essay. The general body of the essay consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph consists of one specific body. Each paragraph starts with the topic sentence. It provides an opportunity for the reader to understand what the paragraph is about. Textual evidence that has been collected before writing the essay are all included in the body of the essay to support the arguments of the writer. Remember, you can always hire a paper writing service to get done with this task.


The conclusion is the wind up of the essay as it does not include new arguments or quotations. The key points of the essay are summarized here. It provides to the readers the significance of the different points of argument. It highlights the different and new perspectives which have been provided by the thesis. If someone asks to write my paper, the writer would have to consider all steps of the outline to write a good essay.

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