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A cause and effect essay is a type of writing that includes a specific discussion of events that lead to particular results. This type of essay examines the reason for some happening and then contemplates the results. Different schools, colleges, and universities assign cause and effect essays to the students to improve their writing and thinking ability. To improve academic performance, it is important to master the cause and effect essay. This essay is also used in daily life. It is the best way to organize and discuss different ideas.

In order to provide essay writing service, you must be aware of the organization of a cause and effect paper. The steps included in the organization of this type of essay are as follows or you can ask others to write my paper.

Selection of Topic

Make a list of topics and choose the topic on which you want to write about. Choose such a topic about which you have any idea and information. Always select a topic in which you are interested in writing. It will make the essay more interesting for the writers and readers as well.

Choose Cause and Effect

After choosing a topic, select the direction in which you are going to write. For instance, you choose the topic of the legalization of prostitution. You can either observe their causes or effects. You cannot decide immediately what angle should be chosen. Just try to brainstorm the different causes and effects of the topic. Make two lists of the topic one consists of the causes while the other consists of the effects of legalization of prostitution. You will choose such a list which is more familiar and easier for you to write. In this way, you decide the angle of the paper.


Once the angle of the paper is to decide, you are required to do proper research on your topic. Always choose credible sources while researching. The success of the paper depends upon the quality of the research. By extensive reading, more trends and questions on the topic will rise. The research will help in writing a strong and effective thesis statement. In case you need help, contact a write my essay service now.

Thesis statement

Once the topic is selected, the writer should craft a thesis statement. It consists of your claim about the specific situation along with its reasons. It provides the proper direction of the paper. The whole paper explains the different arguments you made in the thesis statement. It is the answer to the question of why this specific topic or situation should be cared for. It can help the readers to get aware of what they can learn from the paper.


The outline of the cause and effect essay usually consists of five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introductory one which includes the introduction of the topic, background, and thesis statement. The second and third paragraphs are the supporting paragraphs. These consist of the ideas along with the evidence to support the thesis statement. The fourth paragraph is the antithesis paragraph which consists of the opposing arguments and ideas. And the last paragraph is of conclusion. It includes the restatement of the thesis and represents the ideas and arguments which have been discussed in the paper.

First Draft

Once you have completed the research and outline, the next step is to write the first draft of your essay. Always keep the time of editing between the first and second drafts of the essay. It will help you to find out the mistakes, grammar errors, and other issues. People, who provide paper writing service, always keep the time of the editing to make the paper flawless and smooth.

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