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Online Education vs. Traditional Education-Example

Online learning is becoming more and more popular because of the evolution of the internet and the invention of other information technologies. While regular education means the traditional on-ground learning in which the students and teachers are physically present in the classroom for the lessons. In my opinion, online learning offers more advantages to different categories of students as compared to the regular education system and it is also the need for time.


Technology is improving day by day and there are new innovations every day which are changing our lives in a very positive way. Technology in education has also been greatly beneficial. In my opinion, online education offers more advantages to different categories of students as compared to the regular education system and it is also the need for time. Online learning is a more convenient and effective manner for students to manage their time appropriately and organize their timetables in a better way. This is because this system of education is more flexible and affordable. Students opt online learning so they can get higher education and increase their qualifications without having to compromise on their work because it can sometimes be difficult for students both work and studies at the same time as they find it troublesome to manage attending lectures in the campus due to schedule clash with their jobs. Online education allows students to take classes from their home or their office according to their convenience. Through online learning, people can save their time and energy while getting a quality education at the same time. It is believed that because of no direct interaction with the teacher in online learning, it can be difficult for students to communicate their questions and queries to the professor. But with the evolution of the internet, there are many alternatives available now, such as online collaboration application, instant texting service, etc. for the solution to their problem and can clear all the doubts regarding the course with their teachers. These online options help distant learners a great deal.

Online learning offers advantages like flexibility, ease of access, independent learning and affordability, etc. I think online learning has a greater scope in terms of the information or knowledge and which is not constricted to the teacher. And apart from being affordable, a student in an online education system gets the flexibility of learning in an environment that is more comfortable to him or her. Also, during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, online learning has become the need of time as the colleges and universities in most parts of the world have been shut down to limit the spread of coronavirus.


Traditional education includes the soul which can’t be seen in the online system. As it is said the online learning system has many advantages but if we observe this system closely it has some major drawbacks, such as lack of exposure. The regular classroom learning enables the students to participate in different extra-curricular activities while they cannot socialize and take part in such activities in online learning. It can be considered a drawback of online learning as it does not offer much exposure and socializing opportunities that can help the students in developing social skills. A professor from England teaching at a state University in Virginia, in an interview with The New York Times about online learning and online education system, stated that it is like a one-way communication rather than two-way communication. Some effective measures need to be taken in order to minimize this drawback of the online education system.

Furthermore, in my opinion, in a traditional or on-ground education system students can be more focused on the lectures while during online lectures students can easily get distracted by other activities. This is the major reason that the traditional education system is successful in providing the quality of education which cannot be provided through an online system.

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