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What basically is a dissertation? A doctoral thesis is an academic paper that has been written in your undergraduate or professional study and leads to your diploma achievement. In some countries of the world, it may even be called a thesis, depending entirely on the institution and thus, the principles are interconnected. In both cases, you need to consider taking an oral examination (viva) to reveal your statement and legitimize the work just before faculty members.

The preparing phase is complex enough that you'll need to invest several hours in the libraries to find appropriate content. And then on the other side, selecting the topic enables you to evaluate the subject of the proposed plan. You might be stuck to decide on your topic about which one will be better for your upcoming dissertation. For that, you can reach out to online help from an essay writing service to let professionals guide you through the entire process. The professionals will also collaborate with you in a way that will help you to get really good scores.

There are two main types of dissertation;

  • Empirical: It is all about gathering information from different resources. Once gathered, you will be able to apply the required guidelines that are provided by your institution.

  • Non-empirical: Students extract the data from already existing sources. It can be categorized as secondary sources. You have to state other’s work, and finally, have to present your own reliable information that could support your extracted work.

The online websites will guide you about the tips and principles that could help you to get a high score in your dissertation. You can ask online write my essay writers from the afore-mentioned websites to get you a detailed analysis of whether your research is going to be empirical or non-empirical. These writers have high experience in writing a dissertation in a proper manner and have helped thousands of students with their papers.

Non-empirical studies and tests are more difficult to perform than any other form of science and can often be complicated in coming to a conclusion. You have basic statistics to analyze using analytical evidence. You could be using SPSS for qualitative data and NVivo for qualitative analysis to test the results.

Structure of Non-empirical research

Once you have decided on your dissertation it would be non-empirical and now you are sure how your paper will actually look like. Your research paper must be properly structured yet appropriately formatted according to the specifications of your institution.

You can take help from your professors to clarify each and every requirement of your eventual dissertation before starting your work. Or if you are ignorant to do this then your findings will surely be rejected even if your analysis was up to the mark.

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The basic framework

  • The title page

  • The abstract

  • The introduction

  • The review of the literature

  • The methodology

  • The findings

  • The analysis

  • The conclusion

  • The bibliography

  • Appendices (if necessary)

Writing guide to your dissertation

You have to persuade your reader about the particular title and your argument. It's brief but still really important because you just need to connect with a subject of research, build a framework, and then work on your thesis. You need to consider these while writing a proposal or you can ask others to write my essay online.

  • Clearly state the problem, its purpose, and briefly about the method to be used.

  • A simple and unique theme that must be understandable by everyone.

  • The main framework (as mentioned above)

  • Clearly state your main idea of your research.

  • Opt for a source where you will be looking for the information - library, survey, or internet.

  • Arrange your data to avoid any confusion later.

Once you are done with writing the basic framework of your dissertation or custom essay, now you have to proofread your document until you will be comfortable. You can also ask a friend to review it or get it professionally proofread. Ask for their feedback or opinion and then discuss it with your supervisor to find potential weaknesses in your dissertation.

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