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Have you ever heard about compare and contrast essays? If yes, then most probably in your very first college assignment of the English course. If you have no idea about compare and contrast essays and you're a newbie, then I will provide my best services to you with essay guidelines. This guideline will help you not only learn the basics of writing a compare and contrast essay but also provide the best tips to ace your essay and surprise your instructor. Get started.

As you are a newbie and have no understanding of the essay type, it can be devastating. So, before writing your compare and contrast essay, you need to clear yourself what a compare and contrast essay is. As the name suggests, this essay is an academic writing assignment in which a student is supposed to compare two things based on their similarities and differences. In simpler words, when you compare someone with others, you access them on the basis of their similarities and differences. so, the same is the case with this essay. Once you have a complete understanding, you will consider it a very easy essay.

  • Researching and analyzing the given topic. If you are given any topic by your instructor then, you need to limit yourself to that topic. Search for it. Explore different internet sites and library books on the given topic. Then analyze both things to see their similarities and differences. Make a Venn diagram and see which things are common and which are different. An essay writing service provider can be the best platform for you to take help with this task. Many of the students contact these professional services to complete their assignments. They cater to students from all disciplines so you can be one of those students.

  • Search pieces of evidence for support and make an outline. After making a list of similarities and differences, search supporting literature for your claims. Next, decide how you will present the content in your paper. For this make a sketch of the complete material keeping in mind the essay structure and then draw and outline. An outline should be an overview of the whole essay. Still confused, get help from a paper writing service now at affordable rates.

  • Structuring the essay As everything follows some rules and principles likewise compare and contrast essays also have a structure. The structure is made of an attention-grabbing introduction, an appealing thesis statement, detailed body paragraphs, and a comprehensive conclusion. You have to introduce your topic with two comparable things. Then discuss your thesis statement which shows that either there are more similarities or more differences between the two things. Discuss different points regarding similarities and differences in the body paragraphs. Support your comparison or differences through shreds of evidence from the literature. Lastly, summarize the whole essay and show how it supports your point of view. Don’t forget to add citations.

  • Proofreading of the whole essay. The last important step is to thoroughly go through the essay and correct mistakes if any. Check sentence structure and grammatical errors. Make your essay presentable by following this step.

Hopefully, your time is not wasted and the true purpose of reading this blog is fulfilled. I tried to help you in the best possible way. Just read it two to three times more and give it a try. You have to follow my guidelines step by step. If I was in your place I would have asked someone to write my essay for me till I learned these steps because I cannot ignore marks of a single assignment for better grades.

Therefore, you can also take help from friends or an online essay writer but I strongly recommend you to put in your efforts and show your skills. It's a time of learning. No matter if you make mistakes, but do learn from these mistakes.

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